Process designing of numerical control lathe is operated

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Exemple graph 2 show 1 times one, technical condition: This workpiece wool is bad for ф 26 nylon club, ask circular treatment is finished 6 times, among them hind quantity of 5 penetration of a cutting tool is 0.

8smm (radius is worth) , this are worth process designing for radius, %2001 (see a picture 2 one 1) (name of main program program) N1 G92 X16 Z1 (building coordinate is) N2 G90 G00 Z0 M03 (sudden shift) N3 M98 P0003 L6 (6 times wither uses a subprogram) N4 G90 G00 XI6 1 (returns dot removing a knife) N5 M05 (main shaft stops) N6 M30 (the main program ends and restoration) %0003 (subprogram program.


923R8 N3 X3.


877R60 N4 G02 X1.


636R40 N5 G00 X4 N6 273.

436N7 G0IX-4.

8FI00 N8 M99 CNC Milling CNC Machining