Base point brief introduction

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The outline of the spare parts is by a lot of different geometry element place is comprised, wait like 2 linear, circular arc, curves, the join dot between each geometry element calls base point. Base point coordinate is the required important data in process designing. Part drawing sample: Plan institute shows a part on in, a, B, C, D, E is base point. The coordinate value of A, B, D, E is found out very easily from inside the graph, c drop is steep with circular arc point of tangency, want simultaneous equations to seek solution. For computation with B dot coordinate fastens origin, couplet establishs following equation: Linear equation: Y=tg(α + β ) equation of X   circular arc: (X-80) 2 + (Y-14) 2 =30   can be gotten (64.

2786, 39.

5507) , conversion arrives to nod the process designing coordinate that is origin with A in the department, c dot coordinate is (64.

2786, 54.

5507) . Can see, to so simple spare parts, the computation of base point is very troublesome. To complex part, its computation workload cans be imagined, to improve process designing efficiency, applicable CAD/CAM software assists process designing, consult please this tutorial CAD/CAM part. CNC Milling CNC Machining