Type of case thunder code rotates coder detects in displacement medium application

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Type of code of thunder of summary introduction case rotates the characteristic of coder, through PLC changeover becomes the means of binary type operation, and detect in displacement medium application. Keyword: Rotate coder displacement detects 1 preface is in logistic circuit along with in moving the position to control system and displacement quantity to detect, the system wants pilot to measure wired displacement or angular displacement. Of need detect device is more, if make horny chance, change coming back oneself,press implement wait with inductive synchronized. And to gig body angular displacement measure, rotate the use of coder is indispensable. Rotate coder is direct change angular displacement into digital signal, its cent is increment type and very form two kinds. What the basis makes technology is different, very form coder is divided again for the binary system, 2 -- decimal pile up with Grey dish etc. Rotate with respect to disk type of case thunder code now the characteristic of coder introduces. Thunder of 2 characteristics case is piled up dish the characteristic is, in photograph adjacent only a code happening changes between two covering of the fan. When reading, although produce a change, also only can one photoelectric cell lies hand over a face to go up, just also be lowest error, produce bigger error impossibly, precision of this kind of coder is accordingly taller. Its defect is the operation that cannot implement a binary system directly, must change into binary code through logistic circuit before operation. Rotate the resolution of coder is 360/N, absolute value piles up dish of N = 2n, n is the digit that outputs a word. Calculate the position of one lower shaft and corresponding number with respect to the 16 digit with commonly used union now, see next tables. The position that expresses an axis 0123... 65535 binary code 0000000000000000000000000000000100000000000000100000000000000011... 1111111111111111 case thunder is piled up 0000000000000000000000000000000100000000000000110000000000000010... 10000000000000103 methods 3.

1 logistic circuit is piled up through Grey and binary code contrasts parameter watch, discover Grey piles up the rule that is changed into binary code not hard. The N that Grey piles up the N with binary code it is same. The N-1 of binary code, ... , the 0th, but by Gray2n - 1(case thunder piles up N-1) logistic " with " (binary system N) reach Bin2n - N-1 of 1(binary system) . Because this logic circuit is like a graph,1 is shown. Graph 1 logistic circuit 3.

2   PLC inputs a dot to be changed in applying actually, if compressor slide block adjusts what quantity, air cushion adjusts an amount to detect, choose very form to rotate coder, not only mechanical installation is simple, and detect displacement precision is tall. In electric control, if be designed according to logistic circuit, so cost cost is high, wasteful. Input dot and in-house relay through PLC module, can realize Grey completely to pile up the changeover to binary code. In PLC, through operation instruction conversion is become adjust value of a quantity actually. Because this can realize data through PLC,communication, data shows etc. Below the input dot that the IVN module with AB company PLC5 piles up for Grey, this module is set for 0 frame, the first group the first module. The process that Grey piles up changeover to become binary code can be called with the subprogram. When processing of operation of PLC main program adjusts an amount, can call this subprogram directly, the processing of so whole process is gotten simply much. Its program is shown 2 times like the graph. In-house relay B4/960 ~ B4/975, changeover of B4/976 ~ B4/991 is B4 ∶ for binary file 60 with B4 ∶ 61. According to B4 ∶ the binary system of 61 correspondence is counted, adopt arithmetic manipulation statement, the scale conversion that can press a regulation becomes real value. Graph 2 case thunder piles up the transition program to binary code 4 conclusion this coder is simple and practical, in automation degree control compares tall place, in controlling a system like servo of manipulator, robot, to answering origin automatically, remember parking space buy, the use of this coder is more indispensable. CNC Milling CNC Machining