The communication servo of high accuracy cuts a system surely

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Foreword produces a business in the board belt of reel automation line in, if plunge into steel, aluminous platinum, web to wait, its are cut into parts cut a system, the dc that a lot of enterprises still basically are before continue to use or the closed-loop control system that communicate frequency conversion composition, its are cut into parts although can achieve main demand,cut precision, but often not be very tall, as social development, manufacturing company is excelsior, the brand image to raising oneself also it is important that day is shown, also satisfied the client's higher and higher to the product demand at the same time. Kang Erda pressworks equipment limited company (Kang Erda of the following abbreviation) it is a production pressworks the enterprise of plank, be opposite in succession in last few years of 3 automation line cut into parts cut a system to undertake transforming, by original communication frequency conversion controlled a system to change to communicate servo to control a system, its precision got greatly rise, by 1mm of original error of every pieces of plank (national level is 1.

5mm) improved an error 0.

5mm, its effect is apparent, and need to buy a PLC only, electric machinery of a servo (take drive) , program proper motion is developed, systematic proper motion is installed, its cost is lower also. If the compositive system of company of systematic principle Kang Erda pursues 1. Graph the communication servo of 1 Kang Erda company cuts a system to want to cut shears length into parts to be S suppose surely, the circumference of active roller is L, advocate the N encircling number that roller has turned (perhaps say point of view) , criterion S=LN, this is a linear equation, also namely S and N become direct ratio, decrease those who bring plane gear to change suppose than be K, can beg a S and electric machinery to had turned to encircle several X, s=L * X/K. This type explains S and X still are a linear equation, want to obtain the length S of need for this, need to control the pen number that electric machinery has turned only. Transducer, PLC, coder and module of high speed computation are used to form control system in primary system, among them PLC set-point (the impulse of arteries and veins of length correspondence) send transducer drive electric machinery movement, electric machinery movement drives coder to rotate again generation pulse, feedback answers high speed tally to send PLC and former set-point to compare, until equal when stop electric machinery move. In be being used actually although this system carries the kind that adjusts transducer, introduce the first, 2 those who add slowdown time to reduce electric machinery is inertial, make electric machinery jockeys when extremely slow crash crawl. But the precision of this system still very cannot tall. Its defect: (1) coder and electric machinery are not coaxial, not be an organic whole; (2) electric machinery jockeys should use hold brake in the arms to come brake, and the speed that holds brake in the arms and force will produce an effect to precision. And the weakness that uses this two fields after communicating servo was overcome, got taller precision thereby. Technological equipment   ■ work station, by advocate of system of scale of control of your electric equipment move automatically with the hand, offer what what need to cut into parts by the switch dialing a code of 8421 encode cut size. ■ PLC, use FX1N-40MT, this PLC has cost inferior, and the output of high speed pulse that contains a need, unit of a PLC can be outputted at the same time at 2 o'clock 100KHz pulse, this PLC distributes stock 7 special statements, include 0 return, absolutely position numerates, absolutely or opposite drive and control of special pulse output, interference rejection capability is stronger also, and process designing is convenient, use range is wide, purchase convenient. ■ servo electric machinery and driver, servo electric machinery uses MDMA202A1G of electric machinery of the servo below the pine, the whirl that this electric machinery contains coaxial high accuracy coder, this coder is increment type 2500p/r, defend oneself rate: 10000; The system that driver uses the MDDA203A1A below the pine and composition of servo electric machinery has very good control property, this system stability is good, the setting need not intervene artificially again after parameter very much, reliability is high, basically need not safeguard, because this is nonexistent also,uphold charge. Graph of hardware of Nextpage control system pursues what because use,graph of hardware of 2 control system controls systematic software is FX1N-40MT of 3 water chestnut, with its accessary FXGP/WIN software undertakes process designing of echelon graph language, very intuitionistic, intelligible, whole process is concise, and go to the lavatory with the communication of driver, need simpler wiring only achievable. Graph 3 programs block diagram pursues the advantage   that 4 programme diagram use communication servo ■ movement is smooth, vibration also won't appear when low speed; ■ control precision is tall, the control precision that communicates servo by back end of electric machinery axis rotate coder assures; ■ answer speed fast, add slowdown time to all can be finished inside cutty time; ■ can output of constant moment of force, do not suffer the effect of rotate speed; ■ have stronger overload capacity; ■ oneself of system of communication servo drive comprises closed circuit, control is more reliable. My department used the last word after this covers a system, stability and precision rise greatly, reduced a loss, satisfied the client's higher demand, economic benefits is remarkable. Also accumulated experience for the promotion henceforth at the same time, again next my department changed other automation line in succession in a few years, inferior cost obtained very good result. Also got self-identity and promotion in the person of the same trade later, the line that goes up later used this similar system entirely, and slam the door original frequency conversion mix sends kind. CNC Milling CNC Machining