Japanese essence is versed in most use PPS colophony to make high strenth, tall tenacity maintain first implement

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According to Japanese essence labour website covers: Japanese essence is versed in (NSK of the following abbreviation) what the free side place that develops main shaft of working machine high speed successfully uses is low calorific answer row is columnar bearing of roller NN-Z series. Work in recent years mechanical main shaft with target of melt into of high speed, high accuracy, change to the Tibet inside electromotor (contain in main shaft electromotor, and the component after unifinication) way develops. In the meantime, in the lubricant respect of bearing, be in order to manage easy treatment and the lubricant cross a river that pollutes an environment not easily is lubricant the development that is direction, demand of because this is right lubricant aid is high. Change as the Tibet inside the electromotor of main shaft, especially for the bearing to free side, in support tenacity and the heat that avoid to be caused as a result of the change of temperature bilge cold the functional field requirement that shrink is very tall. The answer line that this place develops successfully is columnar series of roller bearing NN-Z, have not only outer round of function that moves freely on orbit face, and in retentive tenacity while, came true successfully still when high speed circumgyrate low calorific, have the following characteristic: 1 , maintained proper tenacity while, in bearing interior can retain the lubricant benefit that has certain amount. Meanwhile, because have the presence of agitate resistance, orbit face can appear odd and lubricant aid, this kind of bearing remains to reclaim lubricant aid, stay it is certain to had reclaim space. 2, the worker worker that employed high strenth, tall tenacity above all on the world learns material of organic high polymer, successful new development went to suit high speed revolving very much small amount maintains implement. 3, the maintenance that designs through the place after model experiment is analytic implement can bear high speed circumgyrate. CNC Milling CNC Machining