6 designs that carry hydraulic press on the head discuss big cylinder diameter

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Normal > φ , 6 × carries hydraulic press on the head 6 times to already entered market main trend. Current, in there already was the 6 tops hydraulic press of a variety of structures to lie to move normally on the market. Come for years, those who use the experience with production respect to changing pair of 6 tops hydraulic press in exert a subtle influence on is overall performance demand, larger carrying capacity, lower component damage is rate, more economic the design standard that controls a system to making outstanding 6 tops hydraulic press with accurate report, fluid, for requirement of place of each diamond manufacturer, it is each major to the place of manufactory home is carried out and be carried out. Normal > union comes to 6 carry hydraulic press design and use experience on the head for years, the design point of view that offers as follows and person of the same trade are discussed. Normal >1, design about lead plane makes the consensus that to basically bear the weight of the hinge bridge of the component uses design of construction of type of reveal all the details to already made industry, at present the 6 tops hydraulic press of the mainstream all uses this configuration. Come for years, hinge bridge ear piece tall rupture occurence rate makes make manufacturer headache each all the time, also let use manufacturer concern each, wait for an element character besides design dimension, material outside the influence, with casting relevant treatment craft also is the factor that cannot ignore. The author thinks, drop side effectively piece tall rupture occurence rate should take the following respects seriously on the design: Normal >a, reasonable design piece tensile strength limiting value, namely the safety factor of component part decides an issue. Because cast, hand in change the condition of heat treatment of stress, cast many presence that cannot measure a condition, what should make safety factor accurate, reasonable is very difficult certainly. Pledge for ZG35CrMo, attune with material processing is character exemple, it from press of a few kinds of norms design example reachs use situation is OK that from press of a few kinds of normses design example reachs use situation summary thinks, the ear segment face when designing full load tensile strength is restricted not prep above 16kgf/mm2 is safety. Normal >b, current fair the hinge Liang Zhu that know makes technology is obligate is cast sell aperture, next boring treatment. Because casting aperture craft is undeserved, easy cause here the position casts phenomenon of blemish rich collect, the in-house blemish that still exists after finished product is to bring about the main reason that here the position ruptures. If change this kind of foundry technology, use opening of take out obligate and direct casting becomes flat, special mold is used to get mill to give the technology that sells aperture when rough machining, the corrupt practice that eliminates former technology. Normal >c, hinge piece the dimension with reasonable presence of the ply, diameter that sell aperture matchs a relation. Normal > graph is the shearing force that sells pole - the graph that bend quadrature, according to this stress the graph can see, sell lever to be in a kind of intricate state of affairs getting power to fall, the ear that the strain selling pole that accompanying stress and produces contacts immediate impact to it piece circumstance getting power. As a result of ear piece the difference of the ply, carrying capacity that sell pole, make the meet an emergency that because stress arises,sells pole differs somewhat in each section, make so hinge Liang Geer piece suffer power position actually to produce disequilibrium, among them the intermediate ear of 3 ear piece stress condition particularly abominable. Through reasonable design each ear piece the ply, diameter that sell aperture should be OK reduce this kind of disequilibrium to get power, be in especially 3 ear piece between, the reasonable design of these dimension can weaken each ear piece suffer force disequilibrium phenomenon actually, reduce ear segment effectively to crack machine rate. Practice also proves, in the dimension that sell aperture and ear piece put in a kind to match a relation ideally on ply dimension. Normal Align=center> pursues one Normal >d, job is 6 tops hydraulic press another big loss respect, the structure that casts working crock does not talk, sheet is designed from hinge bridge for, hinge Liang Bihou and the cooperate clearance reasonable design with working crock are the main factor that whether can protect working crock effectively, this also is manufactory of a few press is used " unoccupied place crock of very close to each other " reason. The design of these dimension is affirmatory should be calculated according to relevant intensity theory and come. Normal > lead plane is working crock. General interest of current working crock structure can be divided for type of an organic whole and combined-type two kinds. Be analysed through getting power theoretically and damage actually an observation, the stress that produces craze is curved stress, this and craze position often are in crock wall and the circular arc by the crock transfer the phenomenal conform to of place. The crock of assorted construction work of reasonable design can avoid to bend the existence of stress, eliminate craze liability thereby, in the meantime, superhigh pressure is quiet sealed use the metal that compresses beforehand hollow O circle or radial are homocentric permutation balata O circle and back-up ring, from strict formula static sealed structure has the characteristic that compensates sealing ring automatically to contact pressure along with oil pressure change this kind, make sealed and reliable. (this technology program already obtained national patent, patent date: 200420070726.

4) Normal >2, control systematic Normal > regards large-scale at industrialization applying as manufacturing equipment, 6 designs that carry system of hydraulic press hydraulic pressure on the head should act on forthright, practical, accurate function to accept or reject principle, cooperate industrial PLC to control a system, sufficient contented diamond synthesizes the requirement of craft. Normal > is current, the principle of hydraulic pressure system of the mainstream all results from 6 DS-029 designs that carry hydraulic press on the head, from at present use circumstance looks, system of this hydraulic pressure puts in the following malpractice: Normal >a, because use means of entrance reduce expenditure to adjust synchronism of 6 crocks of pistons, the phenomenon with easy generation not stable synchronism, and be in connect super- approach level, this synchro control is in invalidation condition, piston of each job crock eachs does what he thinks is right actually. This compounds the effect the pressure field condition inside housing to distributing greatly Normal >b, easy in behavioral program transition generation changes suddenly to pound a phenomenon with hydraulic pressure, be in for instance fill fluid to turn super- pressure, discharge pressing turns return trip phase. This adjusts those who affect piston fixed position result Normal >c, superhigh pressure is numerous, 3, connect a powerful person daedal, fault rate is high, easy happening leakage, make press maintains workload to soar. Normal > puts the defect that be in in the light of above, put forward a kind of improvement hydraulic pressure system to devise plan, if the graph shows 2 times,the principle pursues: Normal Align=center> pursues 2 Normal Align=left> basically improves a part to be: Normal >a, use means of exit reduce expenditure to control synchronism of 6 crocks of pistons, from go up at all solved synchro control to be in exceed the issue that presses behavioral program lose effectiveness, and 6 pistons back pressure advances, the movement is smoother Normal >b, use 6 crocks to connect completely principle, the electromagnetism a powerful person that carries 6 jars dominates action of each crocks of piston respectively. This design reduces high-pressured leakage point considerably, the pressure in reducing a movement to change changes suddenly to pound phenomenal Normal >c, use multistage overflow a powerful person to control return trip, discharge pressing, safety each phase pressure, simplify Normal >d, use return circuit of carry on one's shoulder of multistage electromagnetism discharge, what discharge of give attention to two or morethings controls a process is smooth with efficiency Normal >e, use electromagnetism proportioning valve to control pressure, realize pressure curve truly, improvement compounds the pressure field condition inside antrum. The frequency conversion with current and popular excel of this kind of means fills pressure protect control fashion: Make protect not only pressure the process is controlled, step up process also is inside control limits CNC Milling CNC Machining