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Make in the mould inchoate how be forecasted and analyse all sorts of potential moulds to design blemish, to raising a mould to make quality is mixed shorten mould production cycle is crucial. Use HyperXtrude is finite yuan of extrusion software is right mould design undertakes test and verify, a variety of problems that in can coach and solving extruding to the mould is designed and be made, appear. What aluminous extruding mould is being designed and make is inchoate taller to the experience requirement of technical personnel, long, cost mixes cycle of traditional design of design method existence high quality assures not easily to wait for defect. As finite yuan of numeric imitate technology (namely CAE technology) the success application in aluminous extruding manufacturing industry, design and make what provide for extrusion die brought revolutionary flight, the design that provides extrusion die took a brand-new development stage with production belt. This kind is based on numeric imitate to design and create a concept of the technology, have many sided advantage: In the mould after initiative design, with fictitious fungible trying a model on the computer manage tries a model, reduce a mould to design cost; Shorten considerably the mould is designed and make cycle, ensure delivery time; Provide accurate computational result to design staff, analysis, evaluation and optimize a mould to devise plan, raised a mould to design quality thereby; Be helpful for those who design knowledge and experience accumulating. What the data of the analysis in producing a course in the light of extruding of a major that HyperXtrude is company of Altair engineering software flows and conduct heat is finite yuan of application software. HyperXtrude uses the dovish algorithm that seek solution, function precision of powerful, computation is tall, success application received in already was designed in mould of aluminous profile extruding and be being made. Found extrusion die to have be restricted yuan of model with an actual extruding hollow billabong model is exemple, flow of data of implementation of software of detailed introduction HyperXtrude is finite the model of yuan of analysis establishs a procedure, the graph is shown 1 times for mould graph and profile sectional appearance. Graph graph of mould of 1 hollow billabong and profile appearance 1.

The data flow of extruding mould is finite yuan of model the performance of going from place to place that provides for extrusion die of analysis and research data edge, spread material the mould of classics and extruding canister above all inside exterior geometry is draw-out come out, what if the graph is shown 2 times,found respectively next is finite yuan of model. Basically include 4 shares: Area of aperture of good stuff, billabong and seam antrum, work and profile. In extruding process according to material deformation reachs his to be opposite the influence of result of going from place to place, the size of unit of each part reseau and density demand are diverse, it is for instance near mould exit, material is out of shape the most acuteness, the unit of this area is accordingly secretter, and answer to the unit dimension in good stuff as far as possible big. The allocation of unit of this kind of reseau, ensure on one hand computational precision, can reduce the size of whole model as far as possible on the other hand, improve computational efficiency. Graph 2 spread the material inside classics mould finite yuan of reseau model 2.

Of attrib border condition establish a plan 3 are shown for extruding craft sketch map, include the different share in the tool and material. Its are reached to contact a circumstance each other in the different area of tool of classics of extruding process midstream according to material, establish respective attrib border condition and its parameter respectively. Basically include: Graph the attrib border condition of 3 extruding mould and material is defined (1) the interface between extruding piece and good stuff; (2) the interface between extruding canister and good stuff; (3) the interface between mould and good stuff; (4) the attrib border condition that the job takes the appearance; (5) the attrib border condition of profile surface; (6) profile exports attrib border condition; (7) extruding canister and mould are exterior. 3.

The choice of material and the structural concern model that establish HyperXtrude software to bear a variety of material and material, inside the bag in the material library of buy contains 5 kinds big to mix data of more than kinds of 70 data. Analytic personnel can choose relevant data according to need, distribute corresponding model. At the same time software includes a material editor that uses easily, can be revised according to needing to undertake to material performance data or found new material, in keeping its existence material library, use later easily. The graph is shown 4 times for AA6061 data performance data. Graph 4 data performance data 4.

The input of extruding craft parameter and the control that seek solution defines extruding craft parameter according to condition of actual extruding craft, basically include: The temperature of good stuff warm-up, initiative temperature of the mould, initiative temperature of extruding canister, the length of the internal diameter of extruding canister, good stuff is mixed extruding piece speed. The control that seek solution basically includes: Condition of frequency of analytic type, extruding type, computation type, convergent error, iteration, time is chief reach exercise to refer a type to wait. According to this need, basically undertake test and verify to mould design, analytic data flows and forecast profile to be out of shape. If the graph shows a choice 5 times,corresponding parameter is mixed the control that seek solution. Graph parameter of 5 extruding craft and analysis of result of choice of the pilot that seek solution and evaluation graph 6 pursue to press field of force and temperature field to distributing, graph the seam problem with 7 potential signal will be brought about local temperature distributings on profile not all, what cause profile is local attenuate. Graph distributinging graph of 6 pressure field and temperature field 7 potential seam problems cause local temperature to distributing inhomogenous reach profile to attenuate the graph shows speed field 8 times to distributing, zun Tu distributings for the speed of profile, can see data velocity of flow is very inhomogenous, those who bring about data flow is lopsided, cause profile be out of shape. Right graph is the material inside billabong aperture to distributing along the velocity of flow of extruding direction, material all will not affect profile in the speed inside billabong aperture be out of shape. Graph 8 speed are inhomogenous bring about material to shed dynamic unbalance to mix be out of shape according to afore-mentioned computation result and analysis are evaluated, compare with photograph of actual extruding result, hyperXtrude can forecast extrusion die well and truly to provide the potential defect of initiative design program, put forward to improve plan further thereby, successfully test and verify and the problem in solving actual extruding to produce. The last word passes software of simulation of use HyperXtrude extrusion, forecasted the potential inadequacy that extruding mould designs successfully, can help a mould designed personnel to solve existent real difficult problem truly. Carry out a proof, hyperXtrude software brings manufacturer of extruding giving aluminium huge profit: Through dovish, mix reliably imitate of fast extrusion numerical value, utmost ground reduces a mould to design time and reduce design cost; Undertake to the mould of new design test and verify is mixed affirm; Computation and actor chemical industry make belt and its length; Decrease to try the high production cost that the model causes because of what relapse. CNC Milling CNC Machining