Copper of intermediate frequency furnace discharges repair

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Body of heater of intermediate frequency furnace reachs the 4 bodies composition such as bend oven unit by circle of furnace casing, induction, lining, furnace casing is used non-magnetic material is made, inductive circle is circled by rectangular and hollow copper pipe manufacture helix shape cylindrical shell, cooling water is connected inside the canal when fusion. Derivative copper discharges coil to connect with water-cooling cable, lining relies on induction coil closely, the bend of body of heater is moved by straight drive of bend furnace reducer casing. As a result of the reason on craft or operation, sometimes cupreous platoon can be burned to wear by iron fluid, cause heat to stop furnace thereby. The intermediate frequency furnace of my company is in use process, appear for many times the breakdown that cupreous platoon is burned to wear, basically have two kinds of reasons: It is the operation when bend furnace is pouring inadvertent or furnace mouth is too short, splatter iron fluid is adherent make on cupreous platoon its are burned wear; 2 it is lining after be being burned to wear, the excessive outside iron fluid causes cupreous platoon to burn wear. Cupreous platoon burns the excessive outside cooling water is being caused after wearing, must stop furnace rehabilitate instantly. Because copper discharges installation to be inside furnace casing, solder filling inconvenience, need to disassemble when repair take out. Before process of cupreous platoon repair is: → of bend furnace taphole stops furnace → cooling → to destroy lining → to take out copper to discharge → copper to discharge solder filling → to install copper to discharge → to build → of drying-out of new lining → to open furnace. This money repairs a method to waste the man-hour of 3 a lining, classes at least, and more electric power. One kind introduces to stick platoon of copper of rehabilitate of treatment involving the use of tonics to restore the patient's health below, relatively energy-saving with the province when. The cupreous platoon that causes to the first kind of reason is burned wear, can stop furnace temporarily, 1 ~ 2mm at the same time thick sheet copper cuts small, its area should burn breach area at cupreous platoon greatly a bit, use next curium piece or cleared copper platoon burns hand emery wheel wear of place residual, use sand paper burnish clean, blend boarding epoxy resin and solidify lotion quickly, good clip sheet copper is burned in cupreous platoon crack place had stuck, solidify of the epoxy resin after be being planted a few minutes, can form very tall copper to discharge bonding strength, can open furnace afresh right now. The cupreous platoon that causes to the 2nd kind of reason is burned wear, repair process is as follows: → of bend furnace taphole stops furnace → to maintain platoon of lining → copper to stick filling → to open furnace. The solder filling rehabilitate with this rehabilitate more conventional technology also saved a lining and electric power of a large number of man-hour and drying-out. CNC Milling CNC Machining