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With record-breaking time realizes treatment of face of imperceptible structure lens. Company of Er of rice of GF A strange summer depended on machine tool of series of MIKRON HSM 400, 400U, 500 LP Precision to establish new milepost in Swiss machinery manufacturing industry. Optimal condition is the closest milling machine of high speed of series of MIKRON HSM 400, 400U, 500 LP Precision comes out. In making process of this series product, seasoned technician people essence of life is carried fine pick machine tool part, the purpose depends on creation giving unique machine tool. Before having full-scale test, do not have an any machine tools to be able to leave factory, it need not pass an experiment to be able to prove in the outstanding performance that machines respect of high demand workpiece. Company of Er of rice of GF A strange summer used craft security, the design that undertakes on the machine tool cutting tool is measured, be in Europe is a exclusive machine tool manufacturer that offers this technology. The latent capacity of this one function is early by accepted, because this is old since, people devotes oneself to the research and development of intelligence machine tool. Development of company of Er of rice of GF A strange summer gave astonishing gain: Intelligence cutting tool is measured (ITM) -- main shaft turns the optical cutting tool below is measured amain. Technical progress also makes working way more efficient, the client of every MIKRON HSM LP Precision surprises from GF A company of summerly rice Er won huge support. The expertise of related goods grooms and guidance is opposite the production of efficient, high income provided a help. Accurate milling MIKRON HSM LP Precision entered accurate milling area brand-new period. Below the circumstance that cutting tool runs in main shaft high speed, can maintain the noise of high accuracy and the smallest degree. Only such ability make the exterior quality of MIKRON HSM LP Precision and outline precision. Because be on all and dynamoelectric machine tool,metropolis generation heats up loss, so the transmission process of accurate machine tool must undertake corresponding refrigeration. Every linear axis and swing the cooling circulatory system that the axis has him. In the meantime, optiCool cooling technology makes cooling system realized main shaft head so far little-known constant temperature sex. MIKRON HSM LP Precision manages a system to prevent quantity of heat to flow into lathe bed from drive electric machinery through improvement refrigeration, assured geometrical stability so, ensured in component movement extremely tall repetition precision. But if MIKRON HSM LP Precision is the smallest treatment step pitch (graph 1) can come accurately 100nm(1/10000mm) , but the error when measuring appearance of cutting tool geometry can bring about work essence of life to be spent definitely break accurate, is that to be without benefit to the user? Every try to use different diameter cutting tool the user of surface of accurate milling workpiece thinks this is impossible, but the workpiece surface that machines to assure to use different cutting tool each paragraphs accuracy, this must come true again. Graph 1 lead plane: MIKRON HSM LP Precision, step pitch of the smallest treatment is 100nm a main reason is the action principle that traditional laser cutting tool measures. Different cutting tool figure brings about different laser to flood coefficient, cause the change with Z absolutely and fiducial axis thereby. The foreign matter grain on cutting tool or oily drop bring about conglutinate possibly also measure result and outline of actual cutting tool to produce deviation. Graph 2ITM cutting tool measures: The solution of the Mill company of A Jixia of perfect union GF of ITM and MIKRON HSM LP Precision is disparate. Unique intelligence cutting tool surveys a system (the whole cutting tool that ITM) can show diametical 12mm is the following on contemporary image sensor carries a department. The figure of cutting tool geometry that the number shows is undertaken digitlizing handling by special software first, undertake metrical next: ITM realizes the cutting tool with absolutely and fiducial axis of the Z inside micron limits to measure first. This is breakthrough of a technology, realized new efficient work way. Of domain of high accuracy treatment cover range from small the science outside achieving, small-sized stream make to cutting tool and mould (like) of LED, reflector or miniature mould. The accuracy class that introduces machine tool of MIKRON HSM LP Precision to use a field in reflector in detail here (graph 3) . Graph the application of 3 reflector respect: The primary stuff that undertakes on MIKRON HSM 400U LP Precision here needs to undertake machining machining is powder of classics of tall qualitative alloy the CrVMo steel that metallurgy technology makes (C1.


3Cr17 Ni- V3 Mo1) , its hardness is 60HRC about. In the accurate treatment craft that is less than 10 μ M in mental allowance, below circumstance of loss of average metal stuff, the value can achieve the average surface roughness of whole workpiece surface Ra=0.

020 μ M=20nm=2/100000mm. Surface roughness is worth Ra=0.

020 μ M accords with N1 of ISO coarse grade. This one breathtaking result can cut deep feed to just be measured up in feed direction and knife course. Like moving as contemporary racing bicycle, when the driver starts an electron to support a function, the car can reach its function limit, if used the electronic software that wins patent " intelligent machine tool " module -- operation personnel supports a system (OSS) , MIKRON HSM LP Precision of machining center of high speed milling also can reach its function limit. According to intuitionistic user guidance, what the machine tool operates personnel to be able to control place to produce work directly is odd a cost. The staff member can use time quality of surface of preferential, treatment preferential or outline is absolutely precision is preferential these 3 plan, the drive on modification control equipment and control parameter. Can ask according to the task rapid and reliable ground realizes goal of production so. Machine tool of use MIKRON HSM LP Precision can assure the client's productivity, because it is,have machine tool of high speed of dynamic of unapproachable main shaft. CNC Milling CNC Machining