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In the job shops of Tech Manufacturing company, the machine tool of high speed treatment that rotate speed is 4000 R/min is already special and effective. But this workshop introduces the milling machine of new-style forging die that installed a rotate speed to be as high as 15000 R/min again, make productivity rises further substantially thereby. But, although did not purchase this new-style machine tool, high speed treatment still has its due value. Be located in Missouri Wright the high speed treatment that the project of the Tech Manufacturing company of the city designs vice-president Mr Jerry Halley to be aimed at a spare parts advanced 3 basic principles, its are specific content is as follows: When cutting is machined, axial cutting deepness wants small, and cutting speed wants as far as possible fast; Having the place of cutting treatment, should assure as far as possible workpiece clamp; After the cutting that has completinging a work is machined, need not return again undertake fabricating. Foresight machines Mr Halley to once had worked in Boeing company. In going 10 years, he is this company St.

In team of personnel of technology of Louis plant engineering among them, this factory produces high speed milling machine, they apply the high speed that used all the time in the past to machine a method, make these machine tools developed bigger productivity, achieve taller manufacturing efficiency thereby. On the tangible base of aluminium and titanium alloy raw material milling treatment shapes when plane structural member, use " high speed is machined " the method has special sense, produce certain connection with the flutter phenomenon of the machine tool. High rate machining center is put in the flutter trend with underlying move, in domain of application of cutting of metallic high speed, phenomenon of this kind of flutter can restrict the play that produces efficiency. However, if the workshop can understand the reason that produces phenomenon of this kind of flutter deep, find the correct rotate speed of machine tool main shaft, issueing the stable calm that carries milling technology relative to higher rotate speed, will have very big effect to improving efficiency of high speed cutting so. To every kinds of different combination of cutting tool and main shaft, the optimal rotate speed that its use also is each are not identical. In find first-rate to machine those treatment that mention above speed and application after the principle, the job shops of Boeing company not only make their machine tool improved manufacturing efficiency, and when making its are machining the thin wall spare parts on the plane, cut the manufacturing cost of the spare parts, the weight of the hardware that reduced, also improved the productivity of the workshop at the same time. What the graph shows high speed of the SNK with highest efficiency of the production in be this job shops 5 axes to machine milling machine in 1 graph. This workshop applied high speed to machine a principle on existing machine tool, existing program and craft got used to this one high speed completely also to machine a machine tool now, this one job shops of Tech Manufacturing company had served for aircraft production industry 50 old, mr Halley regards this as the collective owner of the company, in applying the principle that high speed machines this job shops almost all sorts of 5 axes and 3 axes on machining center, use at the treatment of all aircraft spare parts. He says, the employee with existing job shops is less than 50, but have 10 however machine tool of a few CNC, process business to be engaged in high speed for, the likelihood is to belong to the smallest workshop. If the strictly top speed according to its workshop equipment, his job shops also perhaps is in be engaged in high speed machining a domain, belong to the business with treatment the slowest rate. Speed (or the speed with enough lack) what can show certainly. Have a look again please above mentions a few regulation. They do not seek any special rate. About " use up you the rapiddest rate " regulation is applicable still, although this is not a particularly rapid rate. The 5 axes of great majority of Tech Manufacturing company machining center, 4000 R/min of be confined to of bureau of its top speed. Although the machine tool of this workshop still is retaining very good job status and very strong job ability, but they belong to older machine tool after all. Inside the speed limits that can achieve in them, should finding the speed of a kind of special main shaft that does not have flutter, chance that can increase manufacturing efficiency substantially again at the same time is nonexistent. However, the principle that machines about high speed and machine program still apply to these machine tools. This job shops purchased HPS 120B/5 of a newfangled 5 axes to machine a machine tool from SNK America company, its rotate speed is as high as 15000r/min. Mr Halley undertakes oscillatory assaying through using the MetalMax system that introduces by Manufacturing Laboratories company, the frequency that measures this machine tool answers character, in order to decide this machine tool is using this workshop the speed of main shaft of tall productivity ideal when all sorts of standard cutting tool. After the information that masters this respect, he decided rate of the new rate that runs a program on this one machine tool, feed and cutting deepness, but any way that he does not need to change cutting tool. The cutting tool method that high speed machines on vintage machine tool move to had proved its have very tall production efficiency, on new machine tool at present application moves, can achieve taller manufacturing efficiency even. Actually, install in the workshop almost when this machine tool before long, begin to be this workshop gain, create value. Graph this kind of part that 2 this job shops produce the place in the graph technically to show, plane structural member, this kind of spare parts is machined by whole aluminium and titanium alloy material and say into Mr Halley, redound of this one profit is not main. Although this workshop never has purchased this new machine tool, high speed treatment still has very great sense to this one workshop. When treatment speed is inferior, use " high speed is machined " this term may have bit of misnomer, but machine according to these principles and method, the consistency that can be craft and foresight provide corresponding benefit. According to the view of Mr Halley and company someone else, although be below the circumstance that does not have speed, use high speed treatment to still have very great value. Eliminated variable in fact, the principle that high speed machines is not about special rate problem, however about the machine tool optimize a problem. The typical method of the high speed cutting that machines plane structural member and other metal spare parts is such: It is to undertake fast rough machining is operated above all, use bigger cutting tool namely, excise much material. Cost longer time to undertake finish machining is operated next, be in the place with strict requirement, use lesser administrative levels cutting, in order to assure the treatment precision of the spare parts. Vibration always can walk along a knife to increase a few inaccuracy to decide an element to finish machining, because this is in specific hour, this one element or other factor can affect the dynamic stability of craft. Effective high speed treatment can restrict variable happening, such is helpful for that optimize the variable of the others further, make cutting more stable as far as possible and achieve taller productivity. Choosing too much may not is meddlesome, because the range of the choice is too wide, also can make craft more control hard. Graph 3 although do not have speed, high speed treatment also has very great sense. On the machine tool with vintage, slower rate, the principle that holds to high speed treatment includes the following good point: Craft has better consistency, the appearance with be had better is bright and clean degree, and need not undertake burr is machined 2 times going for example, job shops offers use milling cutter measure to should be restricted as far as possible inside lesser limits. Be in Tech Manufacturing company, the cutting tool that uses in great quantities in the workshop has the end panel milling cutter of 4 kinds of standards only. The length of cutting tool also is restricted certainly. Cutting tool adjusts formulary standard is metric length. Because this does not need to debug what cutting tool uses to measure bougie, because be in this one craft, the metric length of cutting tool is changeless. The account that uses rate of tall main shaft and this kind of principle is having close relationship, the little change of craft can answer character to bring apparent effect to systematic trends. If craft physics character keeps constant and changeless, so the rate of main shaft of special tall productivity that the workshop finds for this one newest machine tool also will keep constant and constant. Below inferior speed condition, find such special rate impossibly perhaps. However, harmful flutter phenomenon remains a breakneck factor. Here, the consistency of craft still makes its undertake fine tuning to cutting parameter likely, so that the flutter phenomenon of potentiate happening is reduced,arrive lowermost limit. Below low speed condition, if be compared with more typical craft photograph, from this and the craft of generation, more or less with respect to its treatment cycle character, its productivity is not tall, but elaborate pilot craft, the surface that its machine is bright and clean it is better to spend, and very few need undertakes burr is machined 2 times going. Mr Halley says, still have additionally one kind of very significant treatment method, will reduce variable through this one strict craft. Machine a method to remove the clear distinction between rough machining and finish machining through this kind that is to say. In high speed treatment, basically use the method that milling machines namely. If cutting is enough stable, can adopt same way taking a knife so, excise material from the center of recess, and return can machine the mural face of recess with this kind of means taking a knife, till achieve its final position. Technology of cutting tool method is in high speed treatment, stability also meets those who promote pair of cutting tool method choose a method. After once become,a workpiece is finished in treatment, do not contact it again. Accordingly, after the cutting that finishs special to section when its, if cutting tool general flexible at the back of characteristic stays in it, so this won't produce how old effect to it. However, all these cuts the workpiece in treatment to should be in certain strategical the abundant capacity with area sufficient reservation, special situation appears when processing this one data in order to support. Eliminate the apparent difference help between rough machining and finish machining to achieve afore-mentioned this one goal. For example, spare parts of a thin wall, can in its the treatment abundant with two side bigger reservation is measured, machine in one of side above all, machine in another side again next, two side use the treatment means of alternant increment, machine bottom all the time till. Graph 4 this job shops still will purchase an as identical as this milling machine, by composition of these two machine tools a high speed processes unit. Unit of this one treatment will make the treatment division with highest efficiency of the production in this job shops, the jockey person amount that its require also is least Mr Halley says, after once was known,maintaining rigid necessity, this kind method became general knowledge. However, when the method that uses high speed treatment, the challenge that people place faces is CAM software cannot support method of this kind of treatment. Method often meets the cutting tool that makes automatically process specific abundant amount with a kind of special handy maths mode, but the dynamic error that did not give a system leaves allow to need abundant capacity. Among them an example and this machines a method to concern, this is the treatment method that Tech Manufacturing company did not support the place when thin floor to use in treatment. To keep rigid, best method is machine its the floor to go up all the time on perpendicular level direction, hop to go up to another of photograph adjacent perpendicular level next, be down treatment all the time, continue to be machined with this method next. Contrary, the CAM software of job shops cannot provide this one function. The cutting tool way that its make automatically will have the treatment of certain amount with the means of horizontal increment, replaced pair of whole workpiece appearance to make the same score a milling to machine in water. Accordingly, process designing member need uses handiwork to operate of method of automatic cutting tool generate, handle a form with what machine independently, process each perpendicular increment class data. Use such means to operate, can create the machine program that stability agrees and can forecast more, can make the workshop prevents occurrence breakdown finally, although be under the condition that low speed runs, but this kind operates the method can increase process designing time. In fact, the process designing time that place of spare parts of high speed treatment needs is used effectively to the workshop more high-speed treatment machine tool issued a challenge. The machine tool is quickened through the spare parts, but the additional time that process designing place needs, the machine tool that can await a process to need brings risk, if job shops cannot plan the production of good machine tool scrupulously. Better do not represent best new milling machine is become very easily machine the machine tool with highest efficiency of the production in job shops. This workshop will be used mix from locking will shorten from device of clamp of fixed position workpiece the tone trial assembly of workpiece places time, shorten the treatment of the machine tool is periodic, device of this workpiece clamp is offerred by BIG Kasier company. This milling machine will be what this machine tool has found to have the job without flutter cutting speed according to this workshop, need those to pass the high speed machine program that fulfils test and verify on the 5 axes machine tool of vintage low speed no longer. Before job shops purchases this machine tool, mr Halley ever undertook to this machine tool frequency answers an experiment. In the workshop the consideration is used above when mentioned MetalMax system, he undertook evaluating to every machine tool in the workshop. The influence with machine tool because he is right characteristic trends and importance are very familiar, when accordingly he is considering to purchase a machine tool, these circumstances of cannot incorrect machine tool undertake analytic study, when no less than is purchasing a car, cannot incorrect car undertakes trying driving moving same. What he cares among them a main problem is to observe whether stable the oscillatory character inside limits of speed of whole machine tool is consistent. If the speed of the machine tool is nonexistent such stable consistency, the trends that makes clear a machine tool then is characteristic, basically change as the change of speed. Below this kind of circumstance, make it is found very hard and hold first-rate career position. Graph the cutting tool method that 5 high speed machine a principle to often need different common it seems that. Afore-mentioned demonstrating pursue exceedingly intuitionistic that what new machine tool must maintain tall productivity moving condition, because of to this job shops character, this is the investment with very huge brushstroke. Mr Halley says, a hour means the loss the profit that reduces a hour. Of course, job shops already got ready again reclaim this investment. Because this machine tool may be the equipment with this the most precious workshop, the service time that accordingly its need to throw is least. Purchase the 2nd identical machine tool again when this workshop when, these two machine tools will comprise a high speed to process unit, still will include to go at the same time burr machines a station. He says, operate this to cover high speed to machine unit to need two jockey only enough, a machinist that has experience adds an employee that does not have experience again, this employee is in a job with machinist, will become gradually seasoned, and make staff of an advanced operation finally. The 2nd purchased machine tool is as identical as the first. In fact, it must agree completely with the first machine tool, such, the entire effort that this job shops optimizes field place to do in the first machine tool can be without the immediate application that omit on new machine tool. Introduce the machine tool of any other variable, will affect the efficient application of processing technique of high speed of this job shops. According to the view of Mr Halley, although the 2nd machine tool compares the word with the first a bit good machine tool, this workshop also cannot be accepted completely. CNC Milling CNC Machining