Spare parts treatment walks into microcosmic dimension times

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The machine of cut of silk of AGIECUT VERTEX don't go yet of company of Er of rice of Swiss A strange summer appears first in CIMT2005. Machine of cut of silk thread of AGIECUT VERTEX don't go yet makes spare parts treatment walked into microcosmic dimension times. 1 μ of ± of ≤ of Tkm of error of workpiece treatment outline M. Workpiece machines exterior surface roughness Ra ≤ 0.

05 μ M, Φ of electrode silk diameter 0.

02 ~ 0.

2mm, work is the least Φ of initiative aperture diameter 0.

07mm. AGIECUT VERTEX can achieve so tall precision, because this machine tool is pursuit,be its high accuracy, considered to affect the factor of all many sided of machine tool precision on design concept. In rigid structure respect, lead plane structure used with before the structure that the cut machine of silk thread of AGIE don't go yet differs completely: Use sucked at 3 o'clock brace up the C that prop up and stabilizes structure, load of susceptive of each component place is even on the lathe bed with good at independent tigidity function, each axis runs precision each other to be not affected, each motion wheelbase leaves discharge treatment area the closest, use linear grating feet and coder two-step buy to detect feedback servo, the position detects control precision is achieved 0.

1 μ M. This machine appropriate assured thermal stability, all pyrotoxin cool respectively or lie between heat treatment, temperature of machine tool whole is consistent, achieve hot stability. Assured precision of total travel geometry and positional precision thereby, achieved precision of extremely tall heavy restoration buy. In the meantime, the influence of force of the magnetic field in tension of silk of parameter of control of the power source that still solved electric treatment to must consider, process, discharge, system walking along silk, electrode and discharge process. Dual system walking along silk can ask by treatment automatic switch, need not stop artificially machine change, a complete set of walks along filar system to use wear-resisting new data; Structure of seal wire mouth uses fixed position of form of natural diamond V, ensure electrode silk locates accurately, change electrode silk need not change seal wire mouth, the time that wear silk is average only 15 seconds, wear silk and the dependability that wear silk again automatically to achieve 100% . Can automatic switch goes to filament after thick silk prior operation, in order to machine corner of smaller part diameter, do not require handlers intervention. In pulse power source and control system respect, used power source of AGIEPG intelligence pulse, FPGA (area but process designing door is listed) technology, VARIOCUT answer sectional treatment from adaptive control, dynamic corner is controlled, electrode silk deflection is controlled, SF lens face machines module, loss of AWO electrode silk is compensated automatically beforehand etc. Anyhow, AGIECUT VERTEX considered in each link that affect precision with the simplest, most technical program of economy tries to solve, cogent assured excelsior the Switzerland that treats precision is traditional. The affinity that human nature changes still was offerred while AGIECUT VERTEX is going after precision, body automation rate is high now, from installation, search workpiece generates treatment parameter to process designing, whole process is handy, quick, a few minutes in finish, reduce auxiliary time, raise machine tool utilization rate, all sorts of functions from go out actually develop to be mixed to efficient, economic time economic use cost. CNC Milling CNC Machining