Turning comes out with material of new-style cermet cutting tool

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Recently, production of Japanese Tungaloy company, sale a kind of turning is used new-style exceed product of series of GT/NS700 of material of atomic cermet cutting tool, the character of superior cutting performance and life of cutting tool long life is shown in turning. Well-known, with cermet cutting tool can obtain admirable exterior surface roughness and brightness, but because machine medium heat,circulate and produce crackle and collapse blade easily. And the atomic aggrandizement technology that because used new development,exceeds material of series of GT/NS700 of fine atomic cermet and surface are flowing technology, raising treatment face precision further while, improved the blade that fight collapse substantially (caustic) function; Atomic aggrandizement technology makes granuality 0.

While the compound of atomic heat-resisting titanium of 6 μ M disperses equably, the close together union of compound of aggrandizement heat-resisting titanium, those who make add the crackle that man-hour produces is patulous get inhibition, make fight collapse blade thereby (damaged) dependability gets rising. In addition, because used the agglomeration method of the new development that makes cermet surface flowing (the surface is flowing technology) reach atomic titanium compound, can make cermet point of a knife keeps for long flowing, can gain the treatment face with fine brightness thereby; Using atomic aggrandizement technology and face of flowing technology in exceeding product of series of GT/NS700 of fine atomic cermet, the series of GT700 of cermet of golden yellow coating of coating of PVD of Fu having besmear and series of NS700 of silver-colored gray cermet, former as a result of coating of Tu Fugao hardness, can realize high speed cutting and show cutting tool to grow life performance, latter and admirable brightness identifies the point of a knife that uses easily. Added fine vehicle steel this with take the TSF that breaks bits chamfer newly cutting tool, TSF it is one kind matchs with GT/NS700 series, use the cutting blade of the hyperbola figure with the heavy head structure with heatproof concussion good performance and good performance of the bits that break a platoon to design, the result with good performance of the bits that break a platoon was obtained in the finish machining domain of steel. The first set of GT/NS700 has steel fine vehicle uses the GT730 with GT720, general turning and NS730. The product that sells this has belt the horn before losing and before the product that horn judges bits chamfer. Still can add new product at any time according to demand. CNC Milling CNC Machining