Use Pro/MECHANICA to raise gear finite yuan of analysis ability

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Summary: ? Implementation of tool of  Man Ro/MECHANICA is right specific and finite the pre-treatment of yuan of analysis tool works, can overcome gear finite yuan of inadequacy that analyses unitary system, offer new approach to solve complex structure to analyse a title. 1 foreword has many problem in actual project, if field of force is,show divide evenly condition to change continuously. Use finite yuan of analysis law is OK research object disperse is become many more finite unit, get means of a group of algebra through the analysis, get approximate solution then. The dimension that because unit can be broken up,differs into all sorts of appearance and size, so finite yuan analytic law can get used to complex geometrical form, complex material character and complex attrib border condition well. Finite yuan the analysis can divide into 3 parts on the whole: Pre-treatment part, analyse computational part and aftertreatment part. Pre-treatment part basically is to generate finite yuan of model, undertake to geometrical model reseau differentiates, get finite the relevant data of yuan of model: Basis of analytic computation part is finite the data file of yuan of model undertakes finite yuan of analysis: Aftertreatment part is finite yuan of treatment phase that the result outputs after computation, basically include data output and graph to show. As a result of hind two phase use batch processing means and pure output to show, artificial interpose is not so much, the heaviest work under photograph comparing still depends on pre-treatment phase, the impact that determines specific analysis target namely and build a model, include division check the number, node to code, because this works the key,put in pre-treatment process. With straight tine cylinder gear is in article exemple, be opposite through Pro/ENGINEER tool current gear is finite yuan analytic method has proper complement, analyse precision and effectiveness in order to raise its, thereby amplify arrives of other and mechanical spare parts finite yuan of analysis job is medium. 2 current gear are finite yuan of characteristic that analyses a method and improve 2.

The characteristic of 1 existing method undertakes to gear currently finite yuan of analysis is main have the aid of is finite yuan of analysis software, wait like ANSYS, NSTRAN, COSMOS. They are mixed with the efficient algorithm that seek solution efficiency is famed, before having what become independent relatively, aftertreatment module, can finish the analytic job of much discipline, much territory independently. Its defect is, of interface of support of graphical drive technology can manage gender and operation sex poorer, cannot finish complex model build a model, because this structure analysed the effect to reduce reliability greatly, influence work efficiency. Software of a few three-dimensional designs has the advantage that build a model, for example Pro/ENGINEER, UG, IDEAS, the main way that solves this one problem currently is to use software to undertake data is exchanged, use three-dimensional design software to have mathematical three-dimensional model namely, turn to analyse a system through interface of standard data interface or data, read in the model with STEP, DXF or IGES format finite yuan of analysis software is medium, use next finite yuan analytic software undertakes mathematical calculation. Can produce a few problems sometimes in actual transition of the graph, in the data switch that waits for complex substance in gear especially, its are main the reason is: ① is finite yuan of certain processing technique that analyses a tool to cannot identify modelling software, for example face, face jackknife: ② is finite yuan of analysis tool cannot undertake to a few features in modelling software reseau differentiates, for example long and thin face: Definition of ③ modelling software pursues yuan of pattern may be completely not consistent, produce a few special graph forms thereby, be in finite demur of yuan of the generation in the analysis that analyses a tool, because this needs to be in finite yuan the model makes repair in analysing software, what this will naturally create a model is abhorrent with precision inferior. 2.

2 finite the trade off study that the improvement of yuan of law passes pair of many software, the article is based on the MECHANICA in Pro/ENGINEER software, the model data that direct use Pro/ENGINEER generates (include dot, line, face and body) , finish finite yuan of job building a model that analyses a tool, differentiate network, command of exercise of unripe batch processing spreads a document. This file but direct or after be being revised slightly, use at finite yuan of analysis tool, its advantage is: As a result of the relevant couplet sex of Pro/ENGINEER feature, change a model to go to the lavatory so: The consistency of the model in handling a process is good, data is complete, can overcome major finite yuan of inadequacy that analyses tool pre-treatment ability, rose greatly whole and finite yuan of efficiency that analyses the job. Building mathematical three-dimensional model is the premise condition that above analyses, finite the quality of yuan of model affects analytic precision and analytic efficiency directly. Pro/MECHANICA can emulate a product the actual condition in use environment, know its machinery property, so that be in,product development initial stage can undertake improvement. The share is treated in this, can obtain encode of finite coordinate of encode of the division check the number of yuan of model, node, node, unit number, unit node to wait for concerned data. The main task of Pro/MACHANICA is to be aimed at three-dimensional model to choose effective reference, have the definition of major attribute. 3 use Pro/MECHANICA to finish finite yuan of pre-treatment 3.

1 if graph 1a place is shown,build geometrical model, undertake to the gear model of the gear oil pump that builds in Pro/ENGINEER force analyses discovery sufferring, the invalidation form of positive drive basically is the invalidation of teeth of a cogwheel, if be in,the tine root place of teeth of a cogwheel breaks off. To simplify model, improve analytic efficiency, when undertaking to gear force is analysed sufferring, can study the individual teeth of a cogwheel on this gear only. Graph 1b is the model of teeth of a cogwheel of gear, graph 1c is diagram getting power. (A)(b)(c) pursues 13.

Attribute of unit of set of attribute of 2 set unit is the pre-construction job that reseau differentiates. The purpose depends on controlling the indication character of node, unit and load, if the default of grade, systole and character of unit, material and load operating mode is appointed,wait. Concrete move is as follows: The quality that defines gear material (if Yang model quantity, Poisson is compared, cut modular quantity to wait) manage in menu implement in the spare parts ordinal click [setting] → [material] order option, define material quality. Use Pro/ENGINEER entree odd pen [applied process] order option starts MECHANICA module, enter environment of analyse of structural force credit through MECHANICA menu. Founding current coordinate to fasten this is gear finite yuan of analytic basis, also be its difficulty place. If the graph is shown 2 times,the coordinate that founds is fastened, among them FRONT, DTM1 and DTM2 are the referenced range that establishs in the process that build a model, found a result to see graph 2b. Graph 2 graphs 3 graphs 5 add tie condition to part to undertake to the underside of teeth of a cogwheel and flank translation tie is mixed rotate tie, if pursue,3 are shown. Add load to be in respectively the reference circle of two side scale of gear, with two reference circle of linear join tooth flank, load is added on its, if pursue,as a result 4 are shown. Among them, arrowhead indicates laden direction, fx: 94 state load is in the component of force of X direction 94, fy: 34 state load is in the component of force of Y direction 34. Considering the force F=100 that place of teeth of a cogwheel suffers, =20 of pressure angle α , because of this Fx=100cos(20)=94, fy=100sin(20)=34. Graph 4 settings and differentiate reseau is shown 5 times like the graph, use rigid structure bill of fare [reseau] order option undertakes reseau definition is mixed differentiate, the precision that differentiates to its undertakes detecting. If reseau does not accord with precision to ask, show with red, in can outputting these bad unit news a file alone, also can undertake differentiating afresh, until obtain satisfactory eventuate to stop. This process can control reseau independently the distributinging circumstance of the node on the edge that the scanty density of section of overall standoff department and proper control decide by node. 3.

3 output are become finite batch of commands of yuan of analysis tool after the file affirms reseau differentiates and the examination accords with a requirement, can ordinal in MECHANICA menu click [structure] → [move] option, the selection is limited yuan seek solution implement. What Pro/MECHANICA offers is finite yuan seek solution implement include format of ANSYS, NASTRAN, COSMOS, SUPERTAB, PATRAN to wait, output means is more, can output a file, or couplet accident goes, or tiring-room moves. The graph shows the ANSYS format of gear 1 times to approve a command to input a file to be as follows: / TITLE Model:eX12-LUNCI! Definition caption / COM Finite Element Mesh-PTC-ANSYS5.

6-EX12-LUNCI/PREP7! Enter pre-treatment implement / NOPRMP, EX, 1, 2.

06e+11! Define material character MP, ALPX, 1, 0.

000000e+00MP, NUXY, 1, 0.

3MP, DENS, 1, 7.

8e+3MP, KXX, 1, 0.

000000e+00MP, c, 1, 0.

000000e+00LOCAL, 11, 0, 0.

046369, 6.

488886, 0, 171.

702224, 0, 0! Defining local coordinate is CSYS, 0! Installing coordinate is ET, 1, 72! Define unit type N, 1, - 2.

655410, 7.

014186, - 12.

000000! Define node N, 2, - 2.

655410, 7.

014186, - 10.

021550... N, 1697, 4.

418252, 14.

334540, - 8.

645203N, 1698, 3.

001929, 16.

056496, - 12.

000000TYPE, 1! REAL of statement unit type, 1! MAT of attribute of parameter of statement unit geometry, 1! EN of statement unit material, 1, 1411, 1542, 1414, 1556! The definition is unit... EN, 6718, 624, 619, 1148, 1698EN, 6719, 1141, 1698, 612, 1148CSYS, 11! Installing coordinate is NROTAT, 1! Install D of attrib border condition, 1, UX, 0D, 1, UY, 0D, 1, ROTX, 0D, 1, ROTY, 0D, 1, ROTZ, 0... / the global rectangular coordinates that GOPRFINISH installs node in pre-treatment part above all, all number that press node of ordinal and listed model and node coordinate, then sound understands attribute of parameter of unit type, unit geometry and unit material to wait, listed unit number and the node number that make unit (this exemple shares 1698 node and 6719 unit) , install attrib border condition and load next. Because the file follows ANSYS file pattern completely, can be identified by this software place conveniently so and use, avoided the mending in the model in ANSYS software, improved work efficiency. Because ANSYS analysis article is more, here no longer give uncecessary details. 4 conclusion use ANSYS to wait currently in the analysis finite yuan of base that analytic tool has gear structure analyses limitation on, put forward to use Pro/MECHANICA to raise gear finite yuan of method that analyses pre-treatment ability and measure, it can rise greatly finite yuan of efficiency that analyses the job, OK amplify arrives of other and mechanical spare parts finite yuan of analysis job is medium. CNC Milling CNC Machining