Flexible production system

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Flexible production system is by what unite information controls system, stock store transport system and composition of facilities of treatment of control of a group of numbers, the automation machinery that can get used to treatment object to alternate makes a system, english abbreviate is FMA. Carriage system of storage of a the production unit that it has many levels commonly, numerical control machine tool that has function of automatic fluctuation makings, stock, and can be in the labour holding clip of the machine tool between ship workpiece and cutting tool. Flexible the technology base of production system is to become set technology, it according to decide process into the object summing mood of the group, select the stock such as the CNC machining equipment that suits and workpiece, tool store transport system, run control by the computer. Reason can self-correcting realizes a variety of workpiece inside certain limits group by group efficient production, change a product in time in order to satisfy market demand. Flexible in production system flexible and OK state for two respects. it is the ability that the system gets used to external environment to change on one hand, usable system satisfies the degree that new product asks to measure; The 2nd respect is the ability that the system gets used to in-house change, can use in have interference (like machine occurrence breakdown) below the circumstance, at this moment systematic productivity and jam-free the productivity below the circumstance expects to be worth comparing is to be able to be used measure flexible. "Flexible " it is opposite at " rigid " , traditional " rigid " the big batch production that automation product line basically realizes onefold breed. Large quantities of rigid system of quantities build automation product line to suit to produce the product of a few a few breed only, handle the production of the small lot in much breed hard. As social progress and standard of living rise, the market needs to have distinguishing feature more, accord with style of client individual requirement and functional differ in thousands ways revise turn a product. Traditional production system cannot satisfy the market to be opposite the demand of product of much breed small lot, this makes of the system flexible to the system it is more and more important to live. As batch manufacturing times is being gotten used to gradually the production that market trends changes is replaced, the viability of system of a production automation and competitive ability depend on greatly whether can it be inside very short development cycle, production gives inferior cost, relatively the ability of the different breed product of high quality. Visible, flexible production system has quite important place in manufacturing industry. CNC Milling CNC Machining