The daily overhaul method of machine tool of economy numerical control

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Machine tool of economy numerical control got popular quickly in machining industry of China, make no matter level of our country machining is in machine quality respect or also got rising quickly in treatment efficiency respect. But the extension that uses time as the machine tool, numerical control machine tool can appear such or in that way breakdown, the article is with the common breakdown of machine tool of economy numerical control exemple, talked about a few settlement way, will see the daily overhaul method of machine tool of next economy numerical control below:   of   of   of method of overhaul of machine tool of economy numerical control 1, observation law: First from the process that occurrence trouble understands over there handlers, know news from indication screen, wait for the observation of unusual appearance through producing all sorts of light when, sound, ingredient to breakdown, examine each parts of the system seriously, narrow breakdown limits a module or presswork together circuit board. Maintenance technician of requirement of this kind of method has rich practical experience, wider knowledge range and very good integrated judgement capacity. 2, functional program tests a standard: numerical control commonly used function of the system and special function use manual process designing or the method of automatic process designing weaves a function tests a program, let numerical control system run so as to of this test program to check a machine tool to carry out the accuracy of these functions and dependability, the likelihood that judges a breakdown happening thereby origin. If the machine tool machines occurrence reject not to have alarm signal again, it is process designing certainly hard temporarily mistake or be operate a mistake or be machine tool breakdown when, with functional program test law judges the method that is a kind of effective. 3, the principle analyses a way: From numerical control system the logic of working principle proceed of each component is analysed and judge, determine breakdown position. Maintenance technician of requirement of this kind of method is mixed to system of whole numerical control it is clear that the working principle of every component has, more intimate knowledge, just may accomplish pair of breakdown place to undertake allowing to decide. 4     , replace a method: Trouble gives in the analysis roughly below the circumstance of origin, use spare presswork chip of circuit board, pattern plate, integrated circuit or yuan parts of an apparatus replaces the share that has doubtful point, the limits of reduced inspection breakdown, remove trouble. This is one of methods with spot judgement the most commonly used breakdown. Above is the daily overhaul method of machine tool of economy numerical control, the hope provides a help to everybody's use. CNC Milling CNC Machining