Move cut of straight machine fixed length to control a system

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Summary: The article was introducing to move the working principle that straight machine fixed length cuts off, the generation in analysing process of this facility work cuts off the foundation of error reason to go up, put forward new fixed length and cut off control method, the device that makes is already devoted and actual move. Keyword: Move straight fixed length to cut off control to reach the swift and violent development that builds a technology as bldg. , a lot of building site all use building prefabricated components extensively. In the making process of prefabricated components, have firm demand to the reinforcing steel bar that uses among them, outside asking except material and its diameter, get power to make prefabricated components orderly and beautiful even, still need to carry out tone to reach fixed length to cut off continuously to reinforcing steel bar. Current, as a result of the use of device of mechanical fixed length, if move straight reinforcing steel bar to exceed certain length, its cut off an error to will exceed a level, and diameter of reinforcing steel bar is jumped over small, its out of tolerance is more serious, must carry out 2 times cut off, and send labor productivity to reduce. Especially the cement telegraph pole that low-pressure power supply system uses extensively, be like the existence as a result of fixed length error, will make pull each reinforcing steel bar when shaping continuously to get power differ, cause pouring reinforcing steel bar of shaping cement lever interior gets power inhomogenous, it is thereby thereafter the job buries next hidden trouble. Accordingly each manufacturer grows to explain a decision cut off expended many setbacks indeed, but arrive at present, still dominate the coverage of out of tolerance without the success. The article cuts off exchange straight fixed length the process to do more detailed analysis, cut off a process to implement automation to fixed length. Former mechanical of principle of work of engine of cut of 1 attune straight fixed length moves plane of cut of straight fixed length total construction is shown 1 times like the graph. In the graph, 1 it is dish of work or material rest, the reinforcing steel bar that needs to move straight treatment is circled above. 2 to move straight canister, reinforcing steel bar by dish this tubes are entered after coming out on work or material rest, adjust tone appropriately straight piece adjust bolt, will move straight piece close solid is in those who differ is prejudicial locally, so that be opposite,different specifications or not congenial reinforcing steel bar have shift straight. The plan with straight attune has gauss curve model, sinusoid with cosine curve model, apply to different diameter respectively, different succumb the reinforcing steel bar of intensity. After moving muscle of straight much Pan Gang, tone is straight piece meeting generation wears away, right now, should fill tone is prejudicial move straight effect in order to assure. 3 to move straight plane advocate drive-box and drawing press roller, inside drive-box reduce electric machinery rotate speed by mechanical decelerate orgnaization, drive press roller actively (on press roller) rotate. When expecting on, handle of rotational one-sided heart, make go up press roller to raise, cross reinforcing steel bar on pressure roller and next pressing roller (passivity presses roller) the V between chamfer, turn reversely next prejudicial handle, make go up press roller to put down, up and down two press roller to show clip to hold position of reinforcing steel bar. Makings pressing is in two pressure between roller, the size of force of reinforcing steel bar be adjustmented depends on press the clip between roller to hold power. With on there is one bedspring to be linked together to it on the connecting rod that the machinery that press roller is linked together, this bedspring presses roller to carry out pressurization to going up, the traction that presses roller and pressure become direct ratio, the reinforcing steel bar with simple to different diameter and material reason should choose different bedspring pressure, thereby better land is grasped hold and drawing reinforcing steel bar. In the meantime, when be being cut to prevent to be in cut a phenomenon repeatedly, when reinforcing steel bar is stopped by the top, reinforcing steel bar and pressure should appear to skid apparently between roller. Because of this bedspring pressure adjusting is the key that moves straight function to deny regular job. 4 for baseplate, 5 to cut an orgnaization. The double-slider orgnaization of the eccentric shafe in drive-box drives peen to make the linear reciprocate of perpendicular direction, the traditional Chinese clothes of square knife stage that cuts an orgnaization has fluctuation cutting tool, should install the cutting tool that is in square knife Taichun to enter peen below when, cutting tool is attacked by hammer on and implementation reinforcing steel bar cuts off the job. After reinforcing steel bar is interrupted, square knife stage relies on restoration of pull rod bedspring. 6 to get work or material rest, getting work or material rest is tone cuts off the fixed length orgnaization of machine continuously, frame go up useful the scale at fixed length board, the position that has adjusted scale board to go up in lacing wire according to the length of need, adjust the pressure of bedspring of good lacing wire, make can be supported to move scale board advancement by tone straight reinforcing steel bar, and square knife stage can be seasonable after wanting to be cut off in reinforcing steel bar again restoration. When be supported to move scale board advancement to reach the designated position by tone reinforcing steel bar, scale board drives lacing wire shift, procrastinate move Fang Dao stage to enter peen below and implementation is cut. Cut after finishing, square knife stage relies on restoration of pull rod bedspring. When reinforcing steel bar is cut off, suffer work or material rest to stretch discharge, after reinforcing steel bar falls, suffer immediately of work or material rest to shut, accept a reinforcing steel bar. When sufferring discharge of work or material rest, the accident that opens time is controlled by time relay. Graph 1 air straight plane is overall knot composition of a picture the reason that error of 2 fixed length exists pursues 1 in, after be being ended continuously by the attune of reinforcing steel bar with straight attune, need to undertake to its length fixed length cuts off signal so that give out,be metricaled. The reinforcing steel bar that from tone straight canister comes out presses roller drawing by fluctuation and advance, get work or material rest through cutting orgnaization hind to enter. In getting work or material rest reinforcing steel bar withstands scale board drives lacing wire advancement, the top power that reinforcing steel bar leans after reaching the designated position makes lacing wire drives journey switch movement, to cut an orgnaization to send cut signal, the square knife table that will contain next cutting tool sends peen below, peen hammer is attacked on cutting tool makes thereby clipping of reinforcing steel bar. The reason that the process that from its fixed length works analyses error of its fixed length not hard to exist, the analysis is as follows: (Because curve the error that cause,top of 1) reinforcing steel bar moves scale board. Suffer on work or material rest scale board and lacing wire all have certain quality, and force of existence sliding friction, and procrastinate even move journey switch action, reinforcing steel bar exists more or less to bend certainly, put inevitably in fixed length error. (2) is walking as a result of reinforcing steel bar and the error that peen position inaccuracy is decided and exists. Tone straight reinforcing steel bar is pressed roller procrastinates move advance with fixed rate (speed of advancement of general situation reinforcing steel bar is 30m/min) , next reciprocate frequency on peen are 600 times / cent, criterion peen finishs a journey to need 0.

1s, cut an orgnaization namely from receive signal to fall to cut to peen finish, time is in 0 ~ 0.

Change inside 1s limits. If make reinforcing steel bar free walk, reinforcing steel bar must meet those who be put between 0 ~ 50mm walk error. And current fixed length method is reinforcing steel bar is forced to stop advancement to obtain what what need to cut precision after reaching the designated position, opposite motion will exist between clip roller and reinforcing steel bar and skid, certainly will forms nick in surface of reinforcing steel bar. Same, force reinforcing steel bar to stop advancement to also be met the circumstance that place of the section on generation appears, and reinforcing steel bar is longer, the error is more serious. 3 new fixed length and control step are very obvious, fixed length plan is narrated to cannot be eliminated before cut off an error, need to undertake discussing from other way. The object gives parameter: Fixed length of 8mm; of ~ of D=3 of reinforcing steel bar 300 ~ 6000mm, but lengthen advances to 8000 ~ 18000mm; reinforcing steel bar N=2400r/min; of rotate speed of straight canister of attune of linear velocity 30m/min; presses roller diameter D=90mm, rotate speed 142r/min. (Of 1) fixed length detect grow certainly definitely to come true, roller is pressed below air straight plane (passivity presses roller) the coaxial on jacket is measured dish, dish thick 2mm diameter takes 197mm, in dish the brim machines wide 1mm equably, the chamfer of deep 4mm 300, circumjacent 3mm is apart from to be in mount photoelectricity switch to be in charge of in the brim (3mm) of smooth wheelbase brim, criterion photoelectric cell smooth axis is in those who nod correspondence to measure dish of circumference to be π (D-6)=600mm, measure the 191/90=63 of speed V=30 × of aperture axes.

67m/min, per sec. photoelectric cell gives out pulse 63.

1000 ÷ of 67 × 2 = of 60 ÷ 530.

6 pulse, pulse span 1.

885ms, the distance between two pulse represents length 2 × 191 = of 90 ÷ 0. 942mm, such apparent measurement precision satisfies a requirement hard, for this, to photoelectricity switch the canal outputs pulse to carry out times frequency, namely pulse frequency F=1061Hz, pulse span 0.

942ms, the distance between pulse represents length 0.

471mm. The biggest computation is worth tally 216, namely most can fixed length 30.

88mm, satisfy real requirement. (2) cuts off control fixed length to cut off device existence to cut off the key of the error to depend on, when control the system is given out when cutting off an instruction, outside except systematic oneself one answer time, reinforcing steel bar still is advancing with fixed rate; Only reinforcing steel bar withstands after scale board, reinforcing steel bar just is pressed in fluctuation skid between roller, wait to cut off. If is in real operation, make control a system to go before giving out the reinforcing steel bar when cutting off an operation to dictate to had stopped, perhaps go before cutting off the reinforcing steel bar before the operation begins to had stopped, reduce what cause as a result of the random sex of peen position effectively to cut off an error. According to this one conception, we cut off an orgnaization to make to former fixed length improve, change fluctuation to press roller all the time advancement of drive reinforcing steel bar is discontinuous drive means, its control a process is such: After cutting off an operation to finish, of on the stage exits the Fang Dao of cutting tool, controller controls electro-magnet coil, make its break phone, tractive electro-magnet is put down on press roller, make fall press roller to pin reinforcing steel bar to procrastinate move its to advance, install circle in next measurement that press roller to go up turn, the pulse that it gives out sends controller to have count. When the length that develops a correspondence when computation arteries and veins is equal to set length, controller issues signal to electro-magnet, make its raise on press roller. After roller is being pressed to raise on, the driving force with progressive reinforcing steel bar disappears, reinforcing steel bar stops advancement, (Note: Move straight orgnaization to be in straight to attune of reinforcing steel bar unit process of cargo bandling, nonexistent the driving force) that makes axial of reinforcing steel bar mobile, right now, controller makes install in Fang Dao the cutting tool on the stage enters peen below, cutting tool is attacked by peen hammer on and cut off reinforcing steel bar, repeat another new loop next. Because be given out from controller,carry on the order that approachs roller, to on press roller to be raised, because reinforcing steel bar stops advancement without axial driving force, need left and right sides of 150 ~ 180ms commonly, inspect particular device to form and decide, reason is in controller, length set is worth the length that should subtract inside this paragraph of time reinforcing steel bar walks, particular numerical value should be debugged actually by particular device classics and get. The control of 4 systems and the fixed length of moving system and cut off control equipment by MCS-51 sheet piece the orgnaization is become, if pursue,2 are shown. By measure dish of sent pulse, passages through which vital energy circulates develops plastic, times frequency, send the T0 of 8031 the entry, regard fixed length as metric input. Fixed length set is dialed by 3 BCD pile up dish of input, deflection quantity is undertaken adjustment according to real unit by handlers, the pulse numerical value that the computer gives numerical value of devise a stratagem to be equal to BCD to pile up dish of set to be worth a correspondence subtracts deflection is measured. It is in process of advancement of reinforcing steel bar, measure dish of pulse that transmit coming back gives, classics plastics, times frequency sends 8031 have count. Be in plan in measuring a process, the computer compares computation value and set-point ceaselessly; When computation value is equal to set-point, the computer sends a signal to make tractive electro-magnet gets report, will go up press roller to raise, before making reinforcing steel bar stops, go, the computer is given out cut off signal to make reinforcing steel bar is cut off. The computer is in give out after cutting off signal, via the delay time of proper time, give out new round metric begin signal, make tractive electro-magnet is released, roller is pressed to be put down on, clip holds reinforcing steel bar and drive goes before its. Graph in system of control of sketch map of 2 control system, be opposite to avoid the change as a result of power source voltage the influence of time of tractive electro-magnet movement, in electro-magnet coil advocate in loop, installed a capacity to start power for tractive electro-magnet the communication manostat of 5 times, in order to assure every time behavioral condition and condition are same, in the meantime, should make sure electro-magnet action part lubricates adequately. To avoid wave motion of power source voltage, and the interference that electromagnetism operates interconnected system of oppose computer science department, raise a system to run reliability, took step of the following interference rejection. (1) hardware respect uses the transformer that has electrostatic screen to regard control as power source transformer, set circuit of wave of filter of two class LC in power source input. To avoid the effect between class of around of all of computer science department, shunt-wound between the power source with each agglomerate collect and ground 0.

The capacitance of 47 μ F, disturb in order to absorb the pulse of the generation when integrated circuit works. From measure dish to undertake with screen cable pulse is transmitted between controller, inside the metallic casing with good ground connection of control part park, this can avoid the effect of dimensional electromagnetism pulse to the system. (2) software side installed software time monitor, in order to because interference enters blame program area,avoid a program, cause a system to move abnormal. Want program run time to exceed set time only, time monitor applies for to interrupt, force a system to enter initiative state. This control equipment cuts off machine investment to use continuously in one attune, set length 0.

3 ~ 30m, the deflection quantity when be being measured to different fixed length has arrived by the solidify after be being debugged actually the program puts store implement in. Move via trying actually, this device is inside whole set length, cut off length error 2mm, satisfy real requirement, had entered at present cast the spot to move. CNC Milling CNC Machining