3 water chestnut broach of hard alloy WSTAR

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Hard alloy of whole of 3 water chestnut " WSTAR " broach has revolutionary appearance design, new " waviness cutting blade " appearance and " the not easy and foul chamfer that discharge bits " the structure makes this product is in cutting is common rolled steel is tough perhaps material when all have exceedingly good show. Undee cutting blade maintains the sharp sex of point effectively, reduce energy loss; And the tigidity that the convex arc that approachs a center can improve broach fastigium position. Arc of groovy outboard roundlet is when cutting, can make cut bits to form circumnutate inside little scope, break off small, and be located in center big circular arc to conduce to cut bits successful eduction. This both union, increased the capacity discharging bits of cutting tool itself greatly. In addition, WSTAR coping carries blade to use brand-new centrality appearance design, the small vertex angle that goes up because of top and X horizontal blade is having function of automatic centering sex and each other solder to grind the effect, reason has extremely tall centering to spend, conduce to those who reduce radial swinging the tall anti-wear properties that reachs material to pledge, assure the accuracy of treatment effectively so. The VP15TF coating on WSTAR broach, its characteristic is to have fight frit primely to receive a gender, can use at machining common mild steel to arrive carbolic steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, cast-iron wait for material. The n that MIRACLE coating strengthened WSTAR bit and point take wear-resisting caustic sex of the part, can add the service life of broach thereby. Additional, because the tall centering of WSTAR is spent, reason is on treatment, can satisfy surface roughness Ra 0.

8mm or the following requirement. The broach of this series but stretch breathes out treatment to be equivalent to cutting blade diameter the deep aperture of 8 times, can issue the treatment precision that can assure to stabilize in all sorts of treatment conditions. CNC Milling CNC Machining