How to use the shock attenuation device of CNC machine tool correctly?

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Numerical control machine tool is digital control machine tool, it is a kind of automation machine tool of programme controll system. This control system can be located in manage to have the program that control codes or other sign instruction sets logically, and its coding, the number that changes with code shows, input numerical control device through information carrier. Via operation processing issues all sorts of control signal by numerical control device, dominate the action of the machine tool, press the appearance that blueprint asks and dimension, come out spare parts treatment automatically. Better land solved numerical control machine tool the spare parts of complex, nicety, small lot, much breed machines a problem, be a kind flexible, the automation machine tool of tall efficiency, represented contemporary machine tool to control development direction of the technology, it is a kind of typical Electromechanical unifinication product. Numerical control machine tool and photograph of general accuracy machine tool are compared, treatment precision is taller, have very stable treatment quality. Accordingly, taller to operating the quality of personnel to ask, be in especially respect of shock attenuation device, should notice the following use method: 1, want place to fill up iron to put aperture of machine tool lower margin to fall, screw is worn inside, with nut clip maintains lower margin, place nut and machine tool contact. 2, after machine tool level, come back close snail is smooth, secure horizontal position. 3, the vermicular phenomenon because of balata, when the first time that fill up iron is used, adjust again after fortnight machine tool level. 4, undertake machine tool level adjusts, nut is anticlockwise rotate, the machine tool rises. To numerical control machine tool, be being used correctly of shock attenuation device is very important, accordingly, above of need firmly in hand uses a method 4 kinds. CNC Milling CNC Machining