Those who be based on the car drive axle housing of ANSYS is finite yuan of analysis (go up)

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Finite yuan of law it is the method of approximate and numeric analysis that analyses what middling uses one kind to solve complex problem in the project, the respect is analysed to have taller computational precision in rigid structure intensity and stiffness with its and get applied generally, be in especially the linear limits of material stress, meet an emergency is more such. The domain is designed in the car, no matter be the computation of automobile body, frame,emulate, the computation of the crankshaft that still is engine and transmission system all uses this method. Finite the research technique with yuan of the most fundamental analysis is " unit of structural disperse → analyses → whole to seek solution " process. Through development of nearly 50 years, finite yuan of theory of the law is perfect with each passing day, had developed a batch general with appropriative finite yuan of software. ANSYS is the popularity on current international is finite yuan of analysis software, apply at all trades and professions widely, it is a kind of general purpose program, can have all industries with it almost of any types finite yuan of analysis, wait for an industry like car, space navigation, railroad, machinery and electron. ANSYS software builds entity model, system to assemble, finite yuan of around is processing, finite yuan beg the compositive an organic whole such as solution and systematic trends analysis, utmost ground satisfies a project to design analytic need. Through combining ANSYS software, can efficient the three-dimensional and hypostatic model that builds analytic component part well and truly, generate automatically finite yuan of reseau, build corresponding tie and load operating mode, undertake automatically finite yuan seek solution, to mode analytic computation undertakes the graph shows as a result output with the result, make an assessment to dynamic character of the structure. It includes the numerous function module such as structural analysis, mode analysis, magnetic field analysis, hot analysis and analysis of much physics field. Car drive axle housing is a car those who go up is main bear the weight of one of component, its action basically has: Prop up and protect final drive, difference fast implement wait with axle shaft, make control the axial of drive wheel to be secured relative to the position; Prop up frame and the each assembly quality on its together with driven bridge; When car travel, the road surface counterforce that bears to be transmitted by the wheel and moment of force pass frame to wait via suspension. The intensity with drive axle due and adequate mec housing and stiffness and quality is small, facilitate of final drive tear open install and adjust. Because the dimension of axle housing and quality are greater, it is more difficult to make, its structure type is satisfying reason should facilitate as far as possible below the premise of use requirement make. Cent of drive axle carapace is integral type axle housing, section type axle housing and combined-type axle housing 3 kinds. Integral type axle housing has greater strength and stiffness, and the assembly of facilitating final drive, adjust and maintain, because this applies generally on of all kinds car. But because its form is complex, because this stress is calculated,compare difficulty. Devise theory according to the car, the groovy design method of drive axle carapace is regard axle housing as a Jian Zhiliang and a few kinds of typical design condition issue school nucleus the value of the greatest stress of certain and specific section, consider a safety factor to decide working stress next, method of this kind of design has a lot of limitation. Accordingly in recent years, a lot of researcher are used finite yuan the method undertook computation and analysis to drive axle carapace. The target that studies in the article is the integral type axle housing that uses on some model freight car. One, computation of analysis of strength of drive axle housing can regard axle housing as one hollow beam, hub bearing props up two end classics to go up at the wheel, in leaf spring place axle housing bears the load on the reed of the car, and line of center of tire of edge left and right sides, the ground gives tire in order to return power (when dual criterion edge dual center) , axle housing bears this force and the difference with gravitational wheel, if the graph is shown 1 times,get power. Graph the computation of intensity of axle housing of diagram getting power of 1 drive axle housing can simplify 3 kinds of typical operating mode, the intensity that wants to issue axle housing in design condition of these 3 kinds of load only gets assuring, think this axle housing is reliable below car travel condition. When 1) traction or power of apply the brake are the greatest, axle housing leaf spring be in critical section curve stress σ and turn round shear stress τ to be respectively: In type: -- the ground is perpendicular to the wheel turn over force to be in reed of axle housing board the curved quadrature that locates the perpendicular plane that section causes, ; (B arrives for tire center plane board reed the transverse distance between) -- traction or force of apply the brake (on a side wheel) the curved quadrature that causes inside horizontal, ; -- when drawing or apply the brake, afore-mentioned critical section place suffer torsion, ; -- it is critical section respectively perpendicular plane and horizontal bent fight curved sectional coefficient to reach fight twist sectional coefficient, if the relation between expresses 1 to show. 2) is become when side force is the largest, outside annulus and inside annulus those who go up is perpendicular turn over force and, and inside axle housing, shell plating reed be in section curve stress, the relation between, it is respectively: ; 3) passes rough road surface when the car when, of critical section curve stress to be: The K in type carries coefficient of carry on one's shoulder to move. To the car, k is taken 1.

75; To van, k is taken 2.

0; To cross-country car, k is taken 2.

5. Of axle housing allowable curve stress to be 300MPa ~ 500MPa, allowable turn round shear stress to be 150MPa ~ 400MPa. Malleable iron axle housing takes lesser cost, armor plate punch solders axle housing takes bigger cost. The traditional calculation method of afore-mentioned axle housing intensity, can the stress average of section of cipher out some, and the true condition that cannot reflect the stress on axle housing completely to reach its to distributing. Accordingly, it is used at the checking computations to axle housing intensity only, or use as undertake comparative with the axle housing intensity of other model, and cannot use on computational axle housing some a little bit (for example stress is nodded centrally) real stress value. Use finite yuan the law undertakes to drive axle carapace intensity is analysed, want computational model to simplify only proper, processing of tie getting power is reasonable, can get comparative distributinging situation of detailed stress and metabolic, place of afore-mentioned traditional calculation method do these hard. CNC Milling CNC Machining