Cover thread machining brief introduction

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Covering whorl is the operation of the whorl outside using screw die to be machined on round lever. 1. Covering whorl tool to cover the tool that whorl uses is screw die and front tooth are worn. Screw die has mix fixedly those who seam (adjustable) two kinds. The graph is shown 1 times seam type front tooth to leave, the size of its whorl aperture can make the adjustment of minim. If the graph is shown 2 times,the front tooth that covers whorl to use is worn. Graph 1 graph 2 2. Cover whorl to operate measure 1) affirmatory screw diameter. Because screw die tooth is right material not only have cutting effect, still have extruding effect, so round shank diameter should be less than whorl nominal dimension commonly. Can concern form through checking or decide with following experience formula: = D - 0 of round shank diameter.

The D in 13P type -- thread outside diameter; P -- pitch. 2) pour the round lever top that covers whorl wine cup 20 ° of 15 ° ~ . 3) will round lever is placed inside soft gate, want clip to tightening solid, and as far as possible some lower. 4) when screw die begins to cover whorl, should check corrective, make sure front tooth and round lever are perpendicular, next proper force is pulled by the clockwise move screw die wearing, after should cutting 2 teeth of 1 ~ but not force rotates. Attack whorl to want to often invert euqally together, make cut bits to break bits of broken seasonable platoon. As above graph covers whorl to operate place to show. CNC Milling CNC Machining