To Dao Yi the application on numerical control lathe introduces

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Pair of Dao Yi that Ni Shaogong of summary England thunder manages on numerical control lathe application has 3 kinds, insert unplug type arm (HPRA) , pull-down arm (HPPA) , full automatic to knife arm type. Be in accurately person Z of X, earth and Y5 on axial direction, to machining a process medium cutting tool wears away or damaged is monitored automatically, call the police and compensate; To machine tool guide screw heat is out of shape the knife that cause slants value variation undertakes compensating. Lathe of keyword numerical control is right B of code of label of document of TP216 of date of classification of the graph in compensation of knife instrument cutting tool is in the treatment process of workpiece, workpiece assembles and unassemble, cutting tool is adjusted wait for auxiliary time, hold the quite large proportion in machining cycle, among them the adjustment of cutting tool already take time is arduous, not easy and accurate, still need to try finally cut. Statistical data makes clear, the treatment of a workpiece, 55% what time of skillful for emergency use takes total time only about, outfit clip and occupy to the auxiliary time such as the knife 45% . Accordingly, show huge advantage to Dao Yi. One, phyletic to Dao Yi 1. Insert unplug type arm (High Precision Removable Arm, HPRA) the characteristic of HPRA is dissociable to knife arm and base. When using, unplug through inserting orgnaization to knife arm installation comes to go up to Dao Yi base (graph 1) , at the same time electric equipment signal also connects and enter can work condition; After giving out but will pull out from inside base to knife arm, put proper place to be opposite accurately in order to protect knife arm and the damage that survey a head not to suffer dirt, collision, suit lathe of small-sized numerical control to use. 2. Pull-down arm (High Precision Pulldown Arm, HPPA) the characteristic of HPPA is pair of knife arms and base rotate connection, be unifinication. When using, will be opposite knife arm swings from inside keeping jacket pull (graph 2) , need not when in receiving redound upon jacket again to knife arm, need not fear its are damaged in treatment. Need not insert often unplug knife arm, avoided to be inserted often unplug the clash that cause. 3. Full automatic to knife arm (High Precision Motorised Arm, HPMA) the characteristic of HPMA is, realize knife arm through pitching moment electric machinery to knife arm and base place and placing the distinction with HPPA was to add pitching moment electric machinery (see a picture 2 inside the content in bracket) , raised automation rate. More important is but knife arm place, place in writing machine program through M code, in machining circular process, can realize cutting tool to wear away to be measured automatically of the value conveniently, of compensation and cutting tool damaged monitor, cooperate orgnaization of automatic fluctuation makings again, can come true nobody turn treatment. The nextpage2, action to Dao Yi 1. Be measured on 5 direction and the knife is compensated to slant in Z of ± X, ± and Y axis the value undertakes on 5 direction the knife slants of the value measure and compensate, remove the issue with the low efficiency of sum of errors that arises to the knife artificially effectively. Why to no matter be to use,plant cutting cutting tool (outside the mill on aperture of round, end panel, whorl, grooving, Huo or turning center, auger cut dynamical cutting tool) , when undertaking workpiece outline turning or milling, features of all point of a knife that share cutting or line of cutting tool axes, must pass adjust or compensate, on the same and academic dot that makes its are located in workpiece coordinate accurately to fasten or axes line. To motivation circumgyrate cutting tool, slant except what should be measured and compensate direction of cutting tool length to go up outside buy value, be measured even at the same time and compensate direction of cutting tool diameter to go up slant buy is worth (cutting tool of two radius with axes line dividing line slant buy is worth) . Otherwise the machine tool cannot process the work with a true measure (graph 3) . On the machine tool that did not install pair of Dao Yi, of every cutting tool slant buy value, it is right after every have cutting tool trying carefully cutting, undertake metrical to work measure, computation, compensation (handiwork is right knife) just can reach, take time is arduous, still can discard as useless not carefully a bit workpiece. Should change after cutting tool, this job undertakes afresh even. Consequently, it is to take up the machine tool assists one of working content with the longest time to the knife. Used the machine tool to Dao Yi, because can install good cutting tool automatically to knife hind,fasten to workpiece coordinate slant buy value, build workpiece coordinate department automatically thereby. Below this kind of circumstance, in machine program need not reoccupy " G50 dictates " will build workpiece coordinate to fasten. 2. The cutting tool in machining a process wears away or of damaged monitor automatically, call the police and finish on the machine tool that compensation was not installing pair of Dao Yi wear away the compensation of the value is very troublesome, need stops next machine tools to undertake be metricaled by hand to the dimension of workpiece for many times, wear away those who get even value hand moves modification knife filling parameter. After installing pair of Dao Yi, this question is much simpler, install HPPA especially model or HPMA hind more convenient. Former, want a foundation only of cutting tool wear away the rule, the machine tool stops after doing a certain quantity of work, the process that uses pair of Dao Yi to undertake pair of knives again can; Latter, after wanting to finish how many treatment to circulate in the set in the program only, carry out be opposite automatically knife, can complete knife filling work. To cutting tool damaged calls the police or cutting tool wears away change after certain level, it is the wear extent that allows according to cutting tool, set " the doorsill is worth " , once be opposite,the error that knife appearance monitors exceeds a doorsill to be worth, think namely cutting tool already damaged or exceeded those who allow to wear away value, criterion the machine tool calls the police automatically stop machine, have cutting tool compulsively next change. 3. Machine tool heat is out of shape the knife that cause slants the compensation machine tool that is worth variation is in working loop process, all sorts of quantity of heat of generation, bring about a machine tool be out of shape especially the heat of guide screw is stretchy, the change that makes position of point of a knife happens, the dimension precision that its are treatment workpiece as a result can be affected. Pair of Dao Yi are installed on the machine tool, afore-mentioned problems but be readily solved. No more than is plant this be out of shape by heat the position of point of a knife of generation changes, regard cutting tool as wear away value, through measure this kind of cutting tool to slant to Dao Yi buy is worth, can solve. 3, right to working principle of Dao Yi core component of Dao Yi is by the switch of a high accuracy (measure a head) , the hard alloy of a tall hardness, tall wear-resisting is tetrahedral (to knife bougie) transmit with a signal receive mouthparts to comprise (other slightly) . Tetrahedral bougie is to be used at undertaking osculatory with cutting tool, pass the flexibility strut bar that installation plays in its, send force to high accuracy switch; Switch place gives out, break signal, transmit interface through signal implement, cutting tool has in transmitting numerical control system directional identifying, operation, compensation, access etc. The working principle of numerical control machine tool decides, after the mechanical reference point that returns respective movement rod when the machine tool, those who build is department of machine tool coordinate. Once this reference point is built, opposite machine tool 0 o'clock, each athletic way on each axis were fastened to have the real sense on numerical value in machine tool coordinate. To installing the machine tool to Dao Yi, actual coordinate is worth each direction that to Dao Yi sensor is apart from machine tool coordinate was at 0 o'clock is a fixed cost, need decides accurately through the method of parameter set, ability is contented use (graph 4) , numerical control system will not be fastened in machine tool coordinate and the data conversion of mutual position undertakes between fixed to knife appearance coordinate otherwise. Built when the machine tool " machine tool coordinate is " and " fixed to Dao Yi coordinate " hind (of different specifications should install different fixed coordinate to be worth to Dao Yi) , be as follows to working principle of Dao Yi: 1. The machine tool moves point-blank each after the axis returns respective mechanical reference point, machine tool coordinate is fastened and the relative position relation between fixed to knife appearance coordinate established particular numerical value. 2. It is to use automatic process designing to control no matter, or the hand moves control means to operate pair of Dao Yi, when a certain axis of make choice of of place of edge of mobile cutting tool, make point of a knife (or the external diameter of dynamical circumgyrate cutting tool) lean to and the correspondence that touchs probe of pair of all sides on Dao Yi is planar, swing through flexibility strut bar sparked after sensor of high accuracy switch, switch can inform a system the lock decides the motion of this feed axis instantly. Because numerical control system is,come to this one signal to handle as advanced signal, behavioral control is very can rapid, so accurate. 3. Because numerical control machine tool all contains on linear feed axis,undertake the pulse coder of positional annulus feedback, there also is memory in numerical control system this feed axis is actual positional tally. Right now, the system should numerate only this axis inactive is accurate the position, pass machine tool, both to Dao Yi between the automatic conversion of opposite relationship, the point of a knife that can decide this axis cutting tool (or diameter) initiative cutting tool slants buy was worth. Change an angle to say, if put it in department of machine tool coordinate to measure, was equivalent to deciding machine tool reference point is apart from machine tool coordinate to fasten the distance 0 o'clock namely, the distance that be apart from machine tool coordinate with measurement point of this cutting tool was at 0 o'clock and both the factual error value between. 4. The cutting tool that is the generation after workpiece cutting no matter wears away, the variation of point of a knife that still appears after guide screw heat is stretchy, want to undertake the knife is operated is opposite again only, numerical control system is met automatic slant measures new cutting tool buy is worth as initiative as its cutting tool to slant buy value undertakes comparative computation, have need compensatory error value fills automatically into the knife in memery block. Of course, if changed new cutting tool, undertake pair of knives afresh to its again, what obtain slant buy value should be the initiative cutting tool with this new cutting tool slants buy was worth. 4, concerned data of pair of knife precision basis to Dao Yi and practice proof, measure a head to repeat precision to Dao Yi 1 μ M; 15 inches of the following chuck, the arm rotates repeat precision 5 μ M. 18 inches reach the big norms of its above chuck, to the repetition of knife arm precision can achieve 8 μ M. This one precision can satisfy major user need and do not need to try cut. To Dao Yi use, reduced the auxiliary time of the machine tool, reduced do poorly done work over again and percent defective, if cooperate workpiece of LP2 of Lei Ni carry on to measure a head to be used together, can raise machine tool efficiency and treatment precision significantly. CNC Milling CNC Machining