NORCO labour accuses machine medium application accuses in high furnace temperature

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In the manufacturing process of smelt, of blast furnace temperature monitor with control it is very important, it affects the quality of smelt directly. In the meantime, because spot temperature is higher, the environment is harsher also. Henan saves some company to be aimed at these circumstances, developed to apply to blast furnace temperature to monitor with pilot system. When choosing labour to accuse aircraft equipment, mature all sorts of environment elements of the spot, compared numerous labour to control a product, choose China north finally to be versed in the industry that dominates production accuses hardware platform, specific configuration is: Industrial box: RPC-500 industry CPU gets stuck: NORCO-630VCPU: PIII500MHz memory: 128MB hard disk: 20G construction of system pursues as follows: In applied process of the system, the computer passes thermocouple to undertake to the temperature in blast furnace itinerate detects, the temperature photograph with set is comparative, use proper control algorithm, measure control output, the control signal of output adds silicon controlled rectifier, control silicon controlled rectifier will adjust furnace heats mediumly power, achieve the goal that controls furnace temperature. To increase interference rejection capacity of the system, the system used watchdog technology, once disturb a reason to create dead opportunity, systematic general is automatic and rapid restoration, be started afresh and move lukewarm control a process, realized unmanned monitoring thereby, improved labor efficiency greatly, enhanced working precision, obtained good economic benefits. Because this system controls capacity to temperature strong, control is algorithmic and concise, got numerous and professional public figure approbate, in the whole nation a lot of steel ironworks got applied extensively. CNC Milling CNC Machining