Pressure of oxygen of cut of machine of cut of numerical control blaze is worth the influence to quality

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When machine of cut of blaze of use numerical control, the factor that affects process of aeriform blaze cut has a lot of, among them cut oxygen flows to having crucial effect to aeriform blaze cut. Cut oxygen flows to want to make the metal burns already, the oxide that should generate combustion again blows off from inside cut. Accordingly, a variety of parameter of cut oxygen are having main effect to gas cutting quality and cut speed. Below small make up the influence that basically will be worth pair of cut quality with respect to cut oxygen pressure the briefest analysis. As cut oxygen pressure rise, oxygen discharge increases accordingly, accordingly can of cut board ply increases subsequently. But pressure raises fixed cost, but the ply of cut also reachs maximum, increase pressure again, but the ply of cut is reduced instead. Cut oxygen pressure is roughly same to the principle of the influence of cut speed and cut oxygen discharge. Usually, when using the common gas cutting that cut the mouth, in pressure inferior circumstance falls, increase as pressure, cut rate also rises, but exceed 0 when pressure.

After 3MP, cut rate falls instead; Continue to increase pressure again, not only cut speed is reduced, cut also can broaden, cut section also is met coarser. With diffuse form when the gas cutting that cut the mouth, if cut oxygen pressure accords with the design pressure that cuts the mouth, criterion when pressure increases, as the accretion of the velocity of flow that cut oxygen sheds and momentum, cut rate also can increase. Outside a few factor that mentions besides above, in process of aeriform blaze cut, the factor that affects final cut quality still has a lot of, the power that is like warm-up blaze, be waited for by condition of the composition of cut metal, function, surface and initiative temperature. Only element of integrated many sided considers, ability makes cut effect more perfect! CNC Milling CNC Machining