Shanteweike: COroMill360

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-- the future of burden cutting of Shanteweikekeleman new-style the high security that CoroMill360 of milling cutter of 60 degrees of faces wants heavy industry place and tall sex price compare perfect union. The solid cutter hub that handles through hard steel of temper by dipping in water provided the strength that the most slashing working procedure place needs, put in but the wedge in the knife box system of crossing-over type piece clamp razor blade but utmost improves cutting performance. Knife box decides in the essence on cutter hub assured accurate cutting function, and need to screw off circuit of wedge piece bolt to be able to tear open next razor blade easily only, shortened greatly the time that change a knife is great increased flexibility. 4 blade razor blade provided light cutting performance, have 19mm and 28mm two kinds of model, two kinds of model use identical cutter hub, make cutting tool stock falls lowest. They are in the cutting depth that the biggest 18mm can realize very high below condition of every tine feed, made sure Gao Sheng produces efficiency. Design of wide parallel first flank assured superior exterior quality, this is distinctive in burden milling cutter. The diametical limits of CoroMill360 is 160 – 500mm, have mix closely exceed close pitch design, intentional axis and CIS arbor knife handle can offer use, bit is had high-powered, it is steel, stainless steel, cast-iron with heat-resisting the sheet of new generation knife of cutting of high grade alloy pledges. CNC Milling CNC Machining