The nicety of positive drive error is measured

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Summary: Introduce the accurate measurement technique of transmission error of system of a kind of positive drive. Be apart from angular displacement through using signal of space of magnetism bar graduation to measure integral bar; Use solid markers of interpolation of high frequency pulse to decide rotate speed, measure blame integer bar to be apart from angular displacement; Use a curve 2 times to plan to add up to a method to reduce the effect with fluctuant rotate speed, the high resolution nicety that can realize aleatoric drive to compare positive drive error thereby is measured. Keyword: Graduation of space of staff guage of time of transmission error of positive drive system amends computational Precise Measurement For Transmission Error Of Gear-driven SystemsZeng Xiangkai Et AlAbstract: A Precise Measuring Method For The Transmission Error Of Gear-driven Systems Is Introduced. The Number Of Integral Grates Is Measured By Spatial Graduation Signals Of Magnetic Grates, the Rotational Speed Is Real-time Calibrated And The Fractional Grates Are Measured By High Frequency Pules, and The Influence Of The Fluctuation Of Rotational Speed Is Decreased By Imitative Curve. In This Way, the Precise Measurement Of Transmission Errors Is Implemented With Any Transmitting Ratio And High Resolution. Keywords: Gear-driven System Transmission Error Time Graduation Space Graduation Correction one, the final transmission quality of foreword drive catenary depends on the integrated drive precision of whole transmission system, the production error that relies on to control single gear wheel only can not realize high quality drive certainly. Transmission error mirrorred the integrated drive precision of whole drive catenary, the main method that measures transmission error has [1, 2] : ① imitate measures small way: Measure precision taller, but low frequency is answered poorer; ② compares look doctrine: Compare scale down by transmission, come true to move those who compare a system to measure to be not integer to pass hard; ③ number counting method: Implementation method is simple, but resolution and measure precision inferior. This lab measures the integral bar of angular displacement to spur a share through using the periodicity of signal of computation space graduation; Use solid markers of interpolation of high frequency pulse to decide rotate speed, the blame integer bar that measures angular displacement spurs a share [2] , realized aleatoric drive to compare the transmission error nicety with high resolution to measure thereby. Rate of this method CAT is high, and come true easily. The measurement that this method introduces below analysis of source of method of principle, correction calculation, error and raise the measure that measures precision. 2, measure principle   1. Measure a system to if the graph is shown 1 times,survey construction of system. The graph wins the bid the positive drive system that the pane that has I represents to transmission compares theoretical value to be I; Input, take-off receives each strings comfortable the sensor of magnetism bar angular displacement that undertakes metrical at be below harsh environment, graduation number is M1 and M2 respectively, output S1 of signal of angular displacement sine and S2 respectively. After S1 and commutation of S2 classics weaveform and computation, collect computation to be worth by processing system, computation gives transmission error to be worth and undertake indication. Graph 1 measure   of block diagram of construction of system 2. Measure principle basis to define, transmission error is the actual angular displacement that points to transmission system take-off be worth at the difference of academic angular displacement relatively. The academic angular displacement of take-off is equal to an input actual angular displacement divides the axis to be compared with academic drive. S1 and S2 are the signal of actual angular displacement that inputs axis and take-off respectively, every are handed in become periodic to be apart from angular displacement on behalf of a bar. With the signal with inferior frequency hand in become periodic to regard as fiducial with sampling cycle, can measure transmission error accurately. In reducer (accelerator and this is similar) , the frequency that sets S2 is inferior, if pursue,the weaveform of S1 and S2 alternates 2 are shown. In the graph, s1 is passed " 0 " get S3 of signal of pulse of dimensional staff guage with differential quite, a bar of axis of input of every pulse delegate is apart from angular displacement φ 2 π of 1 = / M1 (Rad) ; S2 is passed " 0 " get S4 with 2 scale down quite, a bar of the take-off of wave wide delegate of a tall n or low n is apart from angular displacement φ 2 π of 2 = / M2 (Rad) ; Of S4 on jump edge or next jumping edge buy " 1 " , restoration of back-to-back next S3 pulse gets S5, its a cycle of S2 of every wave wide delegate in the begining S1 blame rectifies course of periodic angular displacement; S1 is passed " 0 " compare and S6 gets after 2 scale down, s7 is the retrorse signal of S6, use S6 and S7 to measure S4 to jump jointly the S1 photograph adjacent when changing two periodic length, use at planning to close to amend. Use 3 but process designing tally and the high frequency pulse that stabilize 10MHz of frequency F ≥ measure S2 the relevant wave wide Naj of the S5 inside J cycle, S6, S7, N1j, N2j (the S1 that N1j is Naj correspondence is periodic, n2j is below one periodic length) ; The J that measures S4 with a tally the S3 pulse inside tall n or low n counts Pj; These computation are collected to be worth in computation clearance. Graph the S2 of undee commutation   of 2 error signal J hand in become periodic to represent the actual angular displacement that a bar is apart from take-off, the bar that actual angular displacement decides by Pj is apart from corresponding input axis J of part of angular displacement integer and S2 cycle is mixed in the begining the blame integer bar when the end is apart from angular displacement 3 parts composition. Setting a bar to be apart from the input axis rotate speed inside horny small displacement is even or of slow change, n1j of / of Naj of your Aj = , criterion J of S2 the transmission error Ej inside cycle is   of       (1) the magnetism bar graduation that the γ in type is sensor A, B counts than, namely M2 of / of γ = M1, and γ is fair value, often take for 1. Via the undee commutation of S1 and S2, + of J of Pj, α , α J 1 all be worth to can be measured or calculable value, m2, γ , I is foregone constant value, reason was considering a cycle when with the blame when the end in the begining integral bar is apart from angular displacement, use (1) the goal that type can achieve high accuracy to measure transmission error. 3, Pj of correction computation   is by magnetism bar graduated dimensional staff guage measures the S1 inside the cycle of a S2 that go out to rectify periodicity, do not suffer rotate speed effect; + of α J, α J is an interpolation of exorbitant frequency pulse 1 the time relative value that methodological solid markers decides rotate speed and measures the blame integer bar that give to be apart from horny small displacement, concern with the fluctuant circumstance of rotate speed. (1) type is applied to the rotate speed inside angular displacement is apart from to be divide evenly in a bar fast or the transmission error when wave motion is not big is measured. If 2 bar are apart from 1 ~ ,the input axis rotate speed inside horny small displacement fluctuates bigger (if existence is choppy) , criterion (1) the measurement of type the error is bigger still. Classics analysis, 2 times the curve turns to positive drive the motion curve of inertial system is had this kind greatly plan goodly to combine precision, n1j of two periodic length, N2j and 2 curves come to the S1 photograph adjacent that reason uses Naj correspondence correction α J or Ej, the measurement that can raise transmission error precision. The initial drop A of the S1 cycle of Naj correspondence closes initiative point to draft, graph the correspondence that dot of 2 medium A, B, C has count of exact pulse accumulative total to be worth S and displacement φ concerns, namely   A dot: N = 0, b of 0     nods φ = : N = N1j, c of   of   of M1 of 2 π / nods φ = : N2j of + of N = N1j, 4 π of φ = the N that / M1   nods A, B, C - generation of φ correspondence relation enters a curve 2 times, seek solution equation form, can get A ~ C paragraph N - φ curve relation, calculate thereby the blame integral bar that gives Naj delegate is apart from Aj of angular displacement φ to be type in, express J of S2 periodic in the begining two bar are apart from S1 the number fluctuation factor of input axis rotate speed inside horny small displacement, described athletic change condition.   of   of your     (2) the transmission error after be being amended is   of       (3)     (3) the nicety that type is positive drive error measures formula, its form and (1) pattern is similar, but (3) the β J in type and β J + 1 by (2) type revises calculation, because considered the impact with fluctuant rotate speed, because this measures precision to compare (1) type is gotten high much, adaptability and calculable sex are stronger also. 4, measure error   1. Error source analyses what measure positive drive error with sensor of magnetism bar angular displacement to measure error source to basically have: Error of ① mechanical sex: Include mounting error of sensor graduation error, sensor, rotate speed the influence of opposite to signal quality and computation error; ② electric error: The matchs frequency of gender, zero shift, high frequency pulse size that includes amplifier frequency noisy character and signal spectrum and stability; Error of ③ principle sex: Include the effect of rule of rotate speed wave motion and sensor graduation size. Use (when 3) type measures transmission error, can eliminate two bar completely to be apart from the rotate speed inside horny small displacement to be divide evenly fast, divide evenly is quickened or the rotate speed of the circumstance such as slow change affects acceleration, but be like rotate speed when random mutation or acceleration wave motion are very big, (3) type still has certain principle sex error, it is an error only already relatively (1) type is reduced significantly. 2. When raising the measure that measures precision to realize positive drive error to measure, adopt the following measure to be able to reduce the effect of error source: ① chooses the sensor with production quality and taller precision; ② reduces the mounting error of sensor as far as possible; The frequency noisy character of ③ circuit and signal spectrum should agree, control zero shift, choose frequency tall and steady high frequency pulse; ④ is right distinct rotate speed range, the high frequency pulse that uses coefficient of different scale down regards computation as pulse; ⑤ divides degree M1, M2 to take a cost like magnetism bar too big, high frequency pulse is enumerated opposite error increases; Take a cost like M1, M2 too small, criterion the influence with fluctuant rotate speed increases. Integrated consideration, can choose the sensor with M1, bigger M2, make two bar are apart from the acceleration inside small displacement change is minor, measure an error in order to reduce. 5, epilogue classics theory is analysed and carry out a proof, the method that uses dimensional graduation and band of time graduation photograph can realize aleatoric drive to be measured than the nicety of transmission error of positive drive system, this method resolution is high, be like F = 10MHz, input axis rotate speed is 500r / Min, I = 50 when, resolution is 0. 0216 ″ ; Measure precision tall, this method applies at " personal computer changes transmission error to detect with analytic system " in, measure an error integratedly for 1. 7 ″ , amount to precision of 0 class instrument; Implementation method is simple, facilitate with interface of all of computer science department. CNC Milling CNC Machining