Be based on the research of the function of network of system of open mode numerical control of PC and implementation

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The technology of open mode CNC that is based on PC makes the way that numerical control technology develops gradually, use the group net function with powerful PC, net of couplet of numerical control machine tool, it is the efficient way that improves utilization rate of numerical control machine tool and productivity. It is with software of monitoring of network of system of a numerical control exemple, specific the implementation method that elaborated function of a few specific networks, and be on this foundation, built a network in order to open the numerical control system of type to make systematic model. Carry out a proof, net of couplet of numerical control machine tool it is to improve utilization rate of numerical control machine tool and sheet the efficient way of labor productivity of small lot production. Network of system of introductive numerical control is macroscopical come up tell can offer the following advantage to manufacturing industry [1, 2] : ① creates the network of environmental interior, those who realize production process is compositive; ② creates environment and the network of whole production industry, design of the engineering in realizing production environment and enterprise, management information system, equipment is safeguarded those who wait for each subsystem is compositive, and worker of machine tool operation inquires technical data and the function that seek a help through the network; The network between ③ enterprise and enterprise, the resource between implementation enterprise is shared, combination and optimize use, implementation different ground is made, diagnose remotely. Function of efficient CNC network news report is far more than and fast pass data and information, it is diagnosed remotely what still can realize CNC machine tool wait for a function. Personnel of a technology, pass modem and communication software, although be in the office of manufacturer of machine tool production personally, also can be opposite through be being diagnosed remotely distant CNC machine tool undertakes real time problem is diagnosed, make a decision in time, give out an instruction to undertake adjustment directly. All these that finish is operated need not this technology personnel visits working site [3] . This research basically discusses the research of the function of network of system of open mode numerical control that is based on PC and implementation. Function of network of system of 1 numerical control summarizes with respect to machine tool of a specific numerical control character, its network function is particular should include: (1) processing technique file downloads. Can include file of program of sheet of attempt of three-dimensional model, project, craft, treatment sheet, NC, cutting tool to wait. (2) task attempers allocate. Undertake decomposing to producing the job, attemper, arrangement and make known to lower levels. (Monitoring of 3) equipment, exercise. Real time monitors process of status of each facility work, treatment status, treatment, trends to run a condition. (Count of 4) exercise case. But statistic the task man-hour plan of each equipment, amount plan. (5) reports forms for reporting statistics. Can upload a workshop to produce dynamic circumstance and day-to-day work forms for reporting statistics in real time. (6) equipment manages. Include facility the day-to-day management such as circumstance of personnel of fundamental condition, operation, maintenance works. Foundation of system of type numerical control is opened to go up in what be based on PC and athletic control card, the author expanded network function. Cent of software of monitoring of this system network is 2 parts: ① server carries advocate monitoring program; The network that ② client carries serves child functional module. Both union rises can make machine tool and administrative server mutual between contact, administrator passes monitoring software to a certain number of job of designation job of make known to lower levels of staff of machine tool operation, distribute treatment sheet, arrange the overhaul, attemper wait for manufacturing data, can monitor in real time every of the machine tool move, instant ground and spare parts of operation personnel communication machine a circumstance. Operate personnel criterion to be able to be carried in the client (the network on system of numerical control of this locality machine tool serves an interface) seasonable report machines a circumstance, receive ranking instruction. The server is carried advocate menu of monitoring interface window, if pursue,1 is shown. Graph software of 1 network monitoring advocate window menu sends the list in message window to show network system is medium all by the machine tool of monitoring, OK and specific choice wants sent boy or girl friend, also can choose group of hair; After sending, can be played automatically to give window of a message by call client end, show advocate the message that the server sends. Conversational history records inquiry to be able to examine the historical information that speaks with every machine tool for controller, facilitate arrange workaday annals, summary manages experience. Through using inquiry menu column can inquire task sheet and treatment are only, date of the treatment amount that can inquire task sheet and treatment odd number occupy the name of each spare parts in the library and them, make known to lower levels and finishing date. Through equipment management menu column can inquire information of the detailed data of each machine tool and breakdown circumstance. It is the number of the machine tool, model, name, manufacturer home, power, OK to purchase date, price and out of service record and overhaul record to wait pass the database with corresponding visit to undertake inquiring from here. Treatment circumstance column lists organic bed to machine watch, schedule, histogram this 3 stature menu. Treatment watch listed spare parts of machine tool number, treatment and amount, machine tool plans working hours, oneself to finish amount and date of delivery; Schedule is listed amount of date of spare parts name, working procedure, treatment, make known to lower levels 13 period, the date of delivery, amount that finish, semi-manufactured goods number, reject number, and cipher out percent defective; Histogram listed with histogram watch means the plan of each spare parts completes a volume very intuitionisticly, already completed quantity, semi-manufactured goods quantity and reject measure. Add data column to allow an user to add production the task, exercise attempers and the machine tool overhauls data. Every record that produces the job includes: Date of make known to lower levels of amount of spare parts name, production, job and date of delivery; Every record that exercise attempers includes: Date of date of amount of name of machine tool code name, spare parts, treatment, working procedure, make known to lower levels and delivery 13 period; The machine tool overhauls data logging to include: Content of sort of number of overhaul date, machine tool, overhaul, overhaul, handlers. The operation pushbutton with commonly used database is set in window of every data manipulation, can very add conveniently, delete and the each data table in refresh database. Open the column that browse, can undertake browsing to part drawing and machine program. The specific implementation of 2 networks function 2.

Of database of 1 network management building Access is the powerful relation database that moves below Windows environment runs a system, it is a kind of very effective database government tool, compare with photograph of other database software, its understand and use more simple. Accordingly, this system uses Access to build this locality database, the data government package that uses VisualBasic has the operation of the database and government. Access offerred a few kinds of different data targets, namely page of body of watch, inquiry, window, forms for reporting statistics, Web and grand, still offerred very good visible design interface to build the correlation of index, inquiry and watch, watch. Main data object is the most commonly used watch in this database. The Access that start, build a database, in the dialog box data-in library name is mixed save method, play a database window, choice data object - watch, use a design next implement found a watch. The list that builds in the system includes: The record sheet when the class, stop engine trouble watch, breakdown to stop machine history record sheet, treatment spare parts watch, attemper watch of status of statistics of table of data of data of list of news of watch of craft of watch of watch, task of make known to lower levels, treatment, overhaul, machine tool, product, job. Each express medium data cross correlation, form a network to make a system jointly total information storehouse. Below machine craft to express what in show Access, express to found with respect to a more complex watch only: (1) defines the field of every record in the watch. Treatment includes the following field in craft watch: Time of person of branch of dimension of man-hour of material of content of name of machine tool of project name, working procedure date, treatment, spare parts, working procedure, treatment, preparation, auxiliary man-hour, treatment man-hour, spare parts, design, design, design. (2) uses a design implement found new table. There are 3 columns in designing the window: Type of field name, data, field explains. Write each field name in the watch above all: Machine tool of project name, working procedure date, treatment... , select its data kind (have a variety of) such as text, data, date, money, automatic number, field specification is optional, use column to show this field shows information. (After 3) each field has been defined, exit window of the design that express sheet, the input expresses single name, memory should be expressed, so far an empty table that did not record was built. Open the watch sheet that just built in database window next, the numerical value that records into each is written according to data type of the regulation in corresponding field. 2.

2Data database accuses a Data it is Visual Basic uses the standard that build and visits into travel database to accuse, it is operated with its Database and Recordset object and manage a database. Because Data accuses a Jet database engine that carries use Microsoft to realize data,visit, the database engine that uses with Access place is same, use it to be able to visit the database format of a lot of standards, be like: Access, Dbase, FoxPro, Btrieve, Paradox and Excel, still can be visited and operate long-range open mode database to join (ODBC) database, such as SQL Server and Oracle. Use Data accuses a visit process to the database to be as follows: (1) adds a database to accuse on project window body, adjust proper size. (2) setting Data accuses Connect attribute, appoint the pattern that charges a place to want join database, the system uses Access database, so Connect attribute chooses Access. (3) installs DatabaseName attribute, the dot opens its attribute column, the Access database name that finds systematic place to use " ... / Dbl. Mdb " , criterion this attribute is set automatically for this database renown. (4) installs RecordSource attribute, this attribute appoints the name of data source and position, use the data content that wants a visit certainly, in the inquiry name that can be data table name, memory and SQL statement any a kind. Here needs to appoint DatabaseName to complete the work of join database only, criterion all watches in this database and inquiry result are listed pull below RecordSource attribute offer in list choose. (5) is added on window body bind accordingly accuse surely, be like: Check, Box, PictureBox, Label, TextBox, ListBox, Image. Bind these accuse surely DataSource sets the data that appoints on the body that it is a window to accuse, the setting is bound accuse surely DataField attribute, will bind accuse a field correspondence in dominating a medium watch and list with data to rise surely. Use data to accuse so and bind accuse surely cooperate to use, can show, browse, increase, modification record. (6) will be bound accuse surely DataChanged attribute is set set) of the data in prohibiting revising a watch for False for True(, run watch sheet next, the data in the database can pass Data to accuse on moving window operation pushbutton is browsed, revise. 2.

3Winsock network accuses a WinSock is a kind of network file transmission agreement that is based on Windows. Applied process comes true through calling the API of Windows Sockets mutual the communication between, windows Sockets uses function of agreement of lower network communication and operating system to call the communication with effective implementation to work again. Use the relationship between program and Windows Sockets, if pursue,2 are shown. Graph the relation Visual Basic between 2 application process and Windows Sockets offerred Winsock to accuse, use at writing client or server application program, and the detail that need not go understanding TCP / IP or call elementary Winsock APIs, accuse through the setting attribute calls its method to be able to join easily on a long-range machine, complete two-way news report effectively. Winsock accuses a support agreement of 2 kinds of communication: ① faces agreement of IP of connective TCP / ; ② does not have agreement of connective UDP(UserDatagram Protocol) . TCP agreement can make sure the data bag that transmits on the network reachs destination correctly, use a dot to join to the dot, client computer of need of join of a TCP and server have an IP address and port. This network supervisory system uses TCP data to transmit an agreement namely. When use TCP agreement establishs client application program, must know server computer renown or IP address (the RemoteHost attribute) of Winsock, the port that knows to undertake monitor even (RemotePort attribute) , call the Connect method of Winsock next; When establishing server application program, should install port of a monitor (LocalPort attribute) call Listen method. Can produce ConnectionRequest event when client computer needs link, to finish join to be able to call the Accept method inside ConnectionRequest incident. After establishing link, any one party computers can send and receive data, send data to be able to call SendData method, produce DataArrival event when the meeting when receiving data, call the GetData method inside DataArrival incident to be able to get data. 3 in building open mode network to make a system create an environment in contemporary network, the machine tool is network environment fall to design management information system of system, MRP with project of CAE of / of CAPP of / of CAD / CAM the node that direct connective has process capability, it should design the news report of join of relevant and external environment such as the system through network and management information system, project, must come true mutual the two-way communication between. Administrative information computer can give random machine tool of a numerical control send treatment statement, can examine in real time again every status of the machine program of the machine tool, treatment, handling time, fault signal, at the same time every the machine tool also can report a case to information management computer, the circumstance that machines for example and result, qualification tastes those who reach reject a number, so that manage information computer to analyse a problem, solve a problem, implementation trends reframes treatment course. The project designs the computer to use technology of CAM of / of CAD / LAPP to create CNC machine program, convey to undertake CNC machining to the machine tool through the network, implementation is changed without paper make [4, 7] . The network that forms with system of numerical control of open mode network makes a system, if pursue,3 are shown. Graph the 3 networks that build by machine tool of open mode network make a system be in graph 3 in, the numerical control system of network is the foundation that realizes a network to make a system, it is an own numerical control system, after receiving job of a treatment (the treatment code that is a spare parts commonly) the whole process that oneself is in charge of this task (count of executive treatment, information, breakdown is diagnosed wait for) , do not need to go up a machine interpose, but when in server or other numerical control the system adjusts treatment task or inquiry processes information, it can intelligent ground makes response. The couplet net function of numerical control system comes true through network equipment of the standard, the network develop that supports a level attacks structure, and the special interface part that does not need to design communication to use. Be based on Internet / the information of Intranet is compositive attempering with intelligence is the crucial technology with a network production compositive system, whole system includes 3 arrangement: Of the equipment inside ① workshop compositive; Of newsletter of the computer inside ② production enterprise and resource share; The information inside the enterprise that ③ is based on Www and even global limits is compositive with share. System of numerical control of the network inside the workshop uses reticle and collect line implement join, the concern is equal between them, can share a variety of information and all sorts of soft hardware resource, bring them into play effectively through workshop server, make make process optimization. The enterprise releases relevant webpage on Internet through special server, provide the technical support such as CAD / CAPP to long-range user, also can be opposite the system of network numerical control of long-range associate assigns the task, the trends that machines the task in the implementation on the net is harmonious. 4 last words carry out a proof, net of couplet of numerical control machine tool, undertake unity administrative making numerical control product line by central computer, and deploy proper thing to shed subsystem further composition is flexible the advanced production system such as production system, CIMS, nimble production system, it is to improve utilization rate of numerical control machine tool and sheet the efficient way of pre production labor productivity. Can foreknow, the advanced production technology below the computer and network technology support will be the demand that manufacturing industry gets used to the market quickly, roll out one of main measures of new product ceaselessly. The network creates the national condition that accords with our country especially, it does not need large investment, yield very remarkable. CNC Milling CNC Machining