Punch of ProCAM numerical control machines process designing

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As the development of computer technology, all sorts of numerical control technologies are applied extensively at Ban gold treatment process, among them numerical control strong technology is important one link, and numerical control develops what the logarithm of stand or fall of process designing controls punching machine to use, produce efficiency and plank utilization rate rise, Ban gold quality having crucial effect, the article introduces numerical control to develop process designing for platform with ProCAM of CAD/CAM system software. ProCAM is to be based on the 2 dimension below Windows to develop treatment system, it changes an interface to define craft course with the graph, after when the spare parts all treatment course is given, can undertake postposition is handled, generate NC then machine program and cutting tool file. One, part drawing is made open ProCAM2D software in CAD, entered CAD system directly. In CAD, draw the spare parts graph that wants process designing first, this is the first pace of process designing of the software in CAD/CAM. To already some hardware designs develop a figure, need to change graphical file type and pattern into the file type with CAD/CAM acceptability system and 1:1 onlyscale, can call directly, enter model of the shop in next CAM systems. To regular spare parts, wait like electric installing plate, CAD/CAM but at the same time switch undertakes, the pattern is extended by the side of edge draw namely, need not be a little even in CAD constructive, the central coordinate figure that can use opening in CAM directly changes definition mould position to undertake extending a pattern. After good figure is being drawn in CAD, do not undertake CAD graph discharges appearance, discharging appearance had better be good in the shop in CAM have CAM model discharging appearance is handled as whole after the mould. Next, press CAM button, the system enters CAM system from inside CAD. When entering CAM, need the numerical control machine tool that the basis uses actually, choice aftertreatment implement (or say to control a system) , this are crucial, cannot choose a fault. 2, appearance of model of the shop in CAM, platoon this one pace, it is the key in process of CAD/CAM process designing. Numerical control develops process designing, the key depends on extending a pattern, choose proper mould namely, the graph changes the ground to rush appropriately certainly reduce craft line. Shop model has a hand to move a shop to model, automatic shop model and hand are moved and combine shop model automatically 3 kinds of means, the hand that says normally namely moves process designing, automatic process designing and semi-automatic process designing. Before extending a pattern, we reach Jia vice position to wait according to size of the dimension precision of the spare parts, norms above all will decide, it is to develop the outline of whole inside and outside that decides a part, still develop outline of partial inside and outside only, or the outline outside rushing. After adroitness, this can decide very quickly. Next, build mould library ToolLibrary, will commonly used mould reachs his to lade means installs ToolFiles of standard mould file (if PunchTools turns file of tower mould detailed list) save rise, in working actually but leave out repeats the move that defines commonly used mould. Be like with * of processor name attach.

Ptf is suffixal save mould file, when entering CAM system to open corresponding aftertreatment to control a system, library of this standard mould is opened automatically, can call a pattern directly. Of course, OK also every treatment a spare parts is turning directly mould of the definition in the tower. 1.

The member that the hand moves process designing process designing calls proper pattern, outline of inside and outside of graph of manual edge CAD inserts a mould to rush decide way, the system in CAM allows to insert form of only strong place, line, arc, circle and window mould method to wait by hand. The key that the hand moves process designing is, the inside of contour line of workpiece of definite pattern edge or outside sidle, namely the mould slants buy is compensated (ToolComponsation) problem. Affirmatory deflection is measured (Offset) , cut direction into parts to define a mould to insert hypostatic Right edge, Left edge or Center through rushing, undertake Rightoffset, Leftoffset, Centeroffset and EndCompensation(terminus are compensated) , countervail of NoCompensation(of no help) , ReferenceCompensation(consults compensation) etc. When the strong pattern that check a store, should consider to rush cut craft sex and workpiece tigidity intensity into parts to add strong craft Kong Hexuan choose is appropriate strong reduce order, if develop in-house fullback first exterior, wait to alveolus fullback large hole first. Rushing when reducing complex bigger board, want to call more pattern, turn in view of size of actual mould amount, norms, machine tool the tower rotates labour limitation, we had better do good whole overall situation to consider before extending a pattern, lest spread modular midway occurrence trouble. To machining plank of train in excess specified length, need new fixed position to develop the work that check, the hand uses the position that Lv of the take an examination when extending a pattern locates afresh. 2.

After automatic process designing enters CAM system, call die comfortable match an order (Toolfit) , the system can is opposite turn tower file and mould library file undertake searching, call proper pattern automatically, automatic computation develops treatment order, insert CAM substance to make spreading a model automatically to finish process all sorts of work next. The key is the InsideToolfit(with appropriate choice here internally die is comfortable match) with OutsideToolfit(external die is comfortable match) , allow a system can what substance comprises differentiate the outer limit of workpiece, and by the side of the interior of workpiece of what hypostatic composition, so that make a system affirmatory,what edge wants to machine. Key of automatic process designing is, the die in the InforBar news column with correct set is comfortable match parameter and) of Punchparameters(punch parameter, if can use die measure the smallest or the biggest allow optimal and width of value, best die, compressed spend and optimal circularity, relatively actor die dimension, or most the serious offence cuts the parameter, smallest push without using one's hands to remove pitch of value, Pitch() etc, usable of course default (Default) value, but not be optimization certainly. Automatic comfortable when matching, interference is checked (InterferenceChecking) and die pace are entered (StepTools) is very important also. Interference examination, it is to show the system is comfortable to the mould match entity to undertake checking, look to whether had had cut. If had had,cut, will choose other mould. If did not find likely pattern, incorrect interference place has the system die is comfortable match. Die pace receives an order, the each substance to workpiece one step by step die is comfortable when matching, show a few kinds of die that are used at this substance and die contrail option, so that choice of process designing personnel is optimal die is comfortable match. 3.

Semi-automatic process designing is mixed as a result of the limitation that extends a pattern automatically a few otherer reason, automatic shop model gets optimal die very hard sometimes comfortable match, we can combine the figure that uses a hand to move shop model and automatic shop model to finish workpiece CAM model to change a definition, realize semi-automatic process designing. In strong treatment process, if we do not want to had inserted much M00 to suspend an instruction coming,take away workpiece or the word of more than makings, there is a very fundamental skill here -- insert small connection. Small connection is angular small join and unilateral small join two kinds. Horny small join is used at defining both sides joint, namely the small link that pointed horn manages; Unilateral small join defines entity (edge) the small connection of odd side. Because small connection can be in end points place to insert only, after it is good to can be made in CAD graph so, in be about to add unilateral small joint interrupts element of the graph in CAD, insert small join. Small connective type and dimension can use form function in CAD system (Shape) definition, use InsertPoint next the command is wanting to set small connective place of steep end points inserts) of appropriate MicroJoint(small join. 4.

The platoon appearance of CAM model produces efficiency and raw material utilization rate to rise, reduce needless material waste, right lesser and clip must be added in strong treatment spare parts, we can use the mirror in the system, symmetrical, matrix to arrange the platoon kind that has CAM model with the function such as the copy, workpiece to cover workpiece to handle (common says to cover makings processing) . Platoon pattern is strong cut a form into parts to be able to take a few kinds of pattern that like the graph 1 ~ graph shows 3 times. After covering appearance of makings, platoon to had been handled, can undertake systematic SetInformation is installed, position of the norms measure that includes plank, pincers. If workpiece (work group) the fixed position on plank is incorrect, can use Move order, move workpiece to plank proper place. Clip when can extending a pattern certainly, undertake, the graph changes a definition its position, so that understand situation of pincers dead band well and truly. 3, the individual treatment that cutting tool contrail optimizes processing to move process designing to the hand (did not discharge appearance, set of makings) spare parts, the hand uses shop model at the same time, can optimize artificially, relocation and order are changed wait for mould method processing, other mix like automatic, semi-automatic process designing those who cover makings hind is a makings, strong cut treatment into parts, should undertake the mould rushs cut orbit into parts to optimize processing. Include to optimize (Optimization) , order is changed (Orderutility) or relocation (Reposition) . 1.

Optimizing processing to optimize processing is to optimize CAM to machine orbit order to make the distance between strong point in order to reduce the occasional when punch the shortest with the frequency that change a knife least. Optimize include: Bar case is optimized (Gridoptimization) , individual window is optimized (Singlewindow) , except double optimize (pincers of RemoveDoubles) , escape is fast shift is optimized and die classification is adjusted etc. 2.

Order changes order is to point to adjust cutting tool punch to process order, include: Heavy definition order (Reorder) , reach / regressive (Before/After) . 3.

Relocation relocation is new to exceeding the plank of area of machine tool work fixed position, so that have more punch treatment to plank. 4, the aftertreatment of the spare parts (after contrail of PostProcess) cutting tool optimizes processing to be over, can undertake the aftertreatment of automation. Aftertreatment implement develop the pattern in CAM model cut order and operation information into parts to establish code of the program that it is NC, press RUN moves, the system will make two files: NC program document and SetupSheet(setting plank) file, they are text file, the text editor that can use Windows to offer undertakes reading writing, edit and print an operation. CNC Milling CNC Machining