After realizing high speed milling, reach the new requirement that craft raises to machining the preparation before

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After realizing high speed milling, raised new requirement to machining the preparation before, basically raised new requirement in machine tool, cutting tool and network respect: - , machine tool. Must realize its high speed to change to the machine tool, control of sensor of the bearing of mixture pottery and porcelain with the structure of Electromechanical unifinication main shaft that used tall dynamic balancing for this, oily lubricant mist, electron and water-cooling or system of link of oily Leng Xun maintain the measure such as constant temperature with its, with can making main shaft rotate speed achieves 0 ~ 10, 000r/min. Additional, the high speed of the machine tool walks along knife orgnaization also is must, at present the most advanced high speed machining center uses linear scroll slideway to replace traditional sliding slideway, trends of obstruction of its shift speed, attrition is answered very outstanding, use what double V structure raised a machine tool to fight twist ability, make feed and fast and floating rate rise above of 20 ~ 60m/min from 6m/min. 2, cutting tool. High speed mill raised taller requirement to cutting tool: Above all knife handle needs to use short round power, namely HSK knife handle. Want to have taller dynamic balancing sex next, often add dynamic balancing annulus, after cutting tool holds card, use dynamic balancing appearance to have a balance. The cutting tool on other objective data uses the hard metal that open system more knife or coating CBN is used on hard alloy, tic, or use PCD of making synthetic diamond to wait, make linear velocity can amount to 300~500m/min, generally speaking pottery and porcelain (Alo, siN)/ cermet and PCBN cutting tool suit to process steel; The cutting tool such as the black metal;PCD/CVD such as iron suits to machine aluminium, magnesian, the nonferrous metal such as copper. In side of cutting tool performance requirement radial beats very small (be less than 0.

015mm) ; The knife grows to be compared with cutting tool diameter be less than 4. 3, network. In respect of data processing ability, the machine tool needs to deploy many CPU, achieve every data piece is handled not over 4ms, linear interpolation achieves interpolation of 5 ~ 20Microns/Nurbs, make linear and mobile acceleration amounts to 1 ~ 2g, ask to " function is looked before the machine tool has the " of the program to preview "/" . And transmit a technology to the network, traditional RS323 interface has not suited high speed to machine the requirement that transmits speed to data, the processing speed of RS232 interface is basically 8, 600 ~ 9, 200bit/min, and the data that socket receives outside the requirement on machine tool of high speed mill transmits speed fast, distribute aether net card more now, the number of the network can amount to 10MB/min ~ 100MB/min according to transmitting speed. High speed milling also raised new requirement to the improvement of craft, basically reflect in: Transfer smoothly what realize treatment process, control system supports advanced NURBS interpolation function. One, transfer smoothly what machine a process. Point of the turning in assuring to machine a process and pointed part part transfer through round horn. The strategy that CimatronE software can implement this respect very well to have a lot of 1, the means in knife of advance and retreat is varied: The knife of advance and retreat of tangential, circular arc of outline, of curved surface tangential knife of advance and retreat, z to screw type feed. 2, knife place takes in corner: Wait for join of round horn radius, cirque type join. 3, be expert at have link of type of type of inward space cirque, outward space cirque and golf club type. 4, annulus reachs between the layer to side direction is mobile and available screw type moves knife 2, NURBS is denotive curve / curved surface can realize a curve conveniently / the local change of curved surface: Revising a curve (or curved surface) a time-sharing won't be right other part brings an influence. The NC postposition order that conveys with NURBS curve is small, tall, handling time compares the treatment precision of generation the time of common interpolation method is short, also more agree with high speed milling. Whether can the process designing software that uses accordingly support NURBS interpolation very well crucial. What CimatronE software supports a level not only is linear with circular arc interpolation, and have NURBS interpolation function. CNC Milling CNC Machining