CNC Machining is online measure technical application to discuss

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In CNC machining, the spare parts measures perforative and whole process, to examine spare parts quality, optimize treatment craft and follow-up production process to provide a basis, have important sense. As the ceaseless development of CNC Machining technology, measured a technology to also get very swift and violent development. In a few production link, have tall the measurement that measures precision machine the measure that had replaced a tradition gradually is measured, no matter be,measuring precision or measuring efficiency respect to get huge rise. Through measuring opportunity is right measure a form what the spare parts undertakes measuring is a kind of model from the line. In recent years, as the progress that measures a technology, online measure become a possibility, online the development with measured a technology to also get certain. Online measuring a technology is to point to through online the position holds after measuring a system to realize a spare parts to machine changeless, direct the technology that has metrical to the spare parts. Online surveying a system is to be on foundation of numerical control machine tool commonly development is compositive measure a system to come true. Online measuring is opposite of at leaving a line to measure character, leaving a line to measure is to point to to after the spare parts is machined, be carried appoint a place to measure equipment to undertake metrical to what machining a spare parts through what secure. Because machine with synchronism does not undertake measure, measure from the line often should undertake carrying to the spare parts, duplicate the operation such as outfit clip. Be compared and character, online measure applicable situation efficiency of wider, production is taller (if express 1 to show) , it is one of development trends that the technology measures in actual production. What the basis measures way is different, online measure can divide for contact online measure and blame contact is online measure 2 kinds. Measure the progress of head technology as numerical control machine tool, the contact of CNC Machining is online the hardware system progress that measures a technology is already opposite more mature. But, as a result of each respect element restrict, a lot of companies of domestic are right online measure a technology to lack understanding, online measure a technology to still have very large development space. Especially the production to aviation structural member, the fabricating characteristics with not the treatment requirement of complex structure, high accuracy, stable treatment craft, great difficulty and high cost need to undertake manufacturing periodic monitoring completely to the spare parts, and need more advanced measurement the step will come true it is difficult to be opposite the measurement that measures a part, online measured a technology to be become assure a when improve manufacturing efficiency spare parts quality, important step. CNC Milling CNC Machining