The chemistry of nice spare parts is machined

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Actinic treatment craft, also make etch solely, the spare parts efficiency that have intricate geometry structure to production or has a lot of opening is very tall, and if use the technology such as mould pressing, punching, laser or line cut,machine these spare partses, produce burr and machinery or heat possibly to be out of shape. Will contain compensation to be used factor, technically at etching the tool file output of craft arrives on the photoelectricity plotter with very high resolution, the around picture that produces to match each other is arranged implement. Have the work of intricate geometry structure, for example, appearance is bizarre, contain a lot of aperture, use actinic treatment to want to compare mould pressing, punching, Laser Cutting or line cut treatment normally more economy is substantial. Light etchs suit a large number of metals to machine craft, include mould pressing, mould to rush among them cut into parts, punching, laser and water efflux cut and line cut. Its special advantage includes to be able to process very weak data, ply is the smallest can amount to 0.

0005 inches; Can machine a complex geometrical structure, include fine net, reseau and grille to wait; Can come true to come accurately metallic ply ± the dimension public errand of 10% ; OK and fast small lot or big batch process a product, and cost is low. In addition, light etchs still won't produce any thermal stress or machinery to be out of shape in the metal. This craft uses valence cheap and the tool that fashions quickly, this tool can get used to a series of spare parts structures or repeat of single construction for many times, in order to accelerate development process. The spare parts that has etched solely can is with ply 0.

001 ~ 0.

050 inches sheet metal is in short 2, the treatment inside 3 days is good. Range of spare parts dimension is very wide, the smallest can be contain 0.

004 inches of structures, size is 0.

100 inches spare parts, most greatly 24 × 60 inches spare parts. Tolerancepublic errand and diagnostic dimension light etch its position public errand is in the feature of generation commonly blueprint is nominal 0.

001 inches inside. Etched dimension public errand is the function of material ply and board size. Common law is, common difference is bigger, board size is larger, spare parts cost is lower. The limits of the least common difference that can come true is: To be less than 0.

010 inches ply, the ± that is material ply 10% . It is to ply 0.

010 ~ 0.

020 inches spare parts, tolerancepublic errand limits is ± 0.

0015 ~ ± 0.

0025 inches. To 0.

021 ~ 0.

035 inches ply, most economic public errand is ± 0.

005 inches. To exceeding 0.

035 inches ply, the ± that belt of dimension public errand will be equal to material ply approximately 20% . The dimension of the smallest hole or miniature chamfer, be in to ply 0.

The material of 02 inches of less than, must be the 110% of material ply at least; Exceed to ply 0.

020 inches metal, for 120% of material ply. The smallest area between aperture or chamfer must be equal to material ply at least. Inside, outside the smallest size of side radius is equal to material ply. Application is become time, tool, part is complex spend or material ply is not when suiting to use conventional technology very much, use light to etch craft often very useful. This craft is used at be on individual tool on the tradition " platoon cloth " different component, to there is many in development (have identical alloy and norms) the circumstance of the spare parts is very useful, perhaps try a structure to have many reduplicative case to waiting for very useful also. Light etchs the part that craft can machine intricate geometry structure or contains a large number of aperture, with cut of Laser Cutting, line even CNC punch photograph is compared, clear advantage is had in cycle time and aspect of the time that hold clip; It can undertake partial deepness etchs, because this can prevent follow-up embossing or grave order; Can machine the part with a clean surface, avoid the problem of the respect such as carbon, iron or cutting lube pollution. CNC Milling CNC Machining