The application of PMAC software and development

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PMAC is the athletic controller of an open architecture, can move on a variety of operating system platform, wait for an operating system like DOS, WINDOWS, WINDOWSNT, UNIX, OS2. Still can computer application software (like CAD/CAM) outfit move together in the system. The numerical control system that PMAC makes, its system software forms by two parts: PMAC system software and computer application software. 1.

Itself of PMAC of PMAC system software is system of a high-powered numerical control, have high speed interpolation, i/O control and admirable servo control function, the main function of PMAC system software: 1) carries out the athletic program 2) that downloads by the computer to carry out the control of outfit PLC program 3) in PMAC 5) of examination of breakdown of motion of moving 4) of servo electric machinery and computer newsletter, receive the athletic program of the computer, command, data, all sorts of information that return computer place to need (status of the position that is like an axis, speed, job) . 2.

Computer application software is operated to go to the lavatory and make a whole numerical control system with use environment of PMAC system software, the basis controls the command statement of object and PMAC, variable, corresponding application software is developed in the computer, can choose C, c++ , VC, VB, delphi, the advanced language such as C++Builder develops application software, the application software of development should have the function that be as follows: The 4) of emulation imitate function of program of program of exercise of 2) of function of 1) interactive dialog and exercise of 3) of function of PLC program editor and 5) of PMAC communication function transmit athletic program, PLC program, command and data to PMAC; Accept the information with deferent PMAC, data, hand-in-hand processing. 3.

PEWINPEWIN of PMAC software development tool is PMAC application software, use at develop and debugging a system, its main function is as follows: 1)I, p, q and the setting with variable M; 2) apportions the seat of electric machinery in coordinate department; Speed of motion of 3) indication electric machinery, position and follow error; 4) shows the I/O interface of PMAC believes name state in real time; 5) executes all sorts of orders of PMAC; The editor of program of 6) exercise program and PLC, download and debug; 7) sets communication pattern (serial, bus line and double mouth RAM) ; 8) tests electric machinery function and athletic program, and breakdown analysis; 9) is collected into travel data, analysis, paint undee picture; 10) trends of servo electric machinery is adjusted characteristicly. CNC Milling CNC Machining