PLC applies mediumly in packer of case of 4 connecting rod

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Industrial box uses box of lengthen of RPC-910 of China north science and technology industry: · 4U standard, 19 " · of frame type installation accords with industrial standard, produce strictly according to EIARS310C standard. · can install a variety of board check, expansibility is strong. · uses whole steel structure, hard usage, safeguard convenient. · is used exceed high speed cooling fan, convection is expedite, medicinal powder heat is good. · is had fight electromagnetism outstandingly to disturb ability, efficient and dustproof, vibration isolation, the guaranteed a system dependability of utmost, security. 2.

Be versed in CPU of course of study of full farm laborer hired by the year of NOVO-7865 of China north science and technology blocks owner board: · IntelPentiumIV processor, introduce Intel865GV chip series, support exceeds line Cheng technology, high-speed transmits speed, offer high speed data to take in and send out in large quantities rate, efficient data processing ability, powerful computational ability. · board carries two DIMM to insert groove, support double passageway, capacity expansibility is strong, the Gao Rong that accords with communication data estimates demand. · interface is all ready, reduce systematic cost, raise systematic versatility. Interface of net of aether of · two-way RJ45, supportive 100M/1000M is transmitted, according to diverse demand, choose neatly distribute network chip, the choice suits his network bandwidth, human nature changes a design, network handling capacity is large, ability of formidable network news report, professional communication class transmits equipment. · loses packet of rate low, security is high. Ability of drive of bus line of · tall ISA, data storage is faster, more efficient. 3.

Industrial motherboard BP-14P4 of China north science and technology: · accords with PICMG standard, deserve to 4 PCI insert groove, 10 ISA insert groove, expansibility is strong. · supports card of speech of many mainstream manufacturer, communication blocks a product. · low impedance, interference rejection ability can. 4, systematic overview: The rapid development certainly will of technology of big screen joining together asks controller accuses chance way to develop to high-powered, labour, use card of high capacity network, power source and hard disk to heat up backup, heat to unplug insert etc. Because be shown in stability and dependability respect,this labour of China north science and technology controls series product numerous, together with accords with the masses to use a convention, have use convenient, operation the simple, character that invests economy, it will act important role in system of big screen joining together with excellent performance. CNC Milling CNC Machining