High frequency induction adds heat engine to make medium application in cable

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Keyword: Joule is hot (Jouleheating) ; High frequency add heat engine (High-frequencymachine) ; Metal strip is built receive a noun to explain joule is hot- - be full of in capillary inside electrolyte arises below tall electric field from heat. High frequency add heat engine- - full name " high frequency induction adds heat engine " , again heating installation of high frequency induction, high frequency induction adds the name shrinkage fitting buy, high frequency heat power source, high frequency power source, high frequency solder induction of machine, Gao Zhoubo adds heat engine, Gao Zhoubo inductive heater (solder implement, it basically is heat to what the metal has inductive type (the) that is not osculatory sex; Can splitting to the metal heat, report having a province, bulk small, installation convenient, operation convenient, on the safe side, heat rate is rapid the advantage that wait, applied range is very wide. As Internet business, 3G(3rdGeneration technology of the 3rd acting mobile) business and the rapid development that multimedia uses, the portfolio of the network is expanding quickly with the speed of exponential level, this must have tall bit to lead data to transmit the alternate ability of ability and large handling capacity with respect to requirement network. After fiber-optic communication technology appears, its are close the opportunity that the capacity of tremendous and potential bandwidth of 30THz gave communication domain to bring bitter fleabane break out to exhibit, be in especially since putting forward information freeway, optical technology begins to permeate at whole communication network, fiber-optic communication has the tendency that advances to completely optical network. Fiber-optic communication takes the course that passed more than 20 years in our country. The market is the lifeblood of the industry, the price is the lifeblood of the enterprise, how reasonable reduce product cost, improve product quality, make sure the user uses a requirement, the Chongzhongzhi that is each enterprise is heavy. Bag of steel of cable of tradition of article key introduction notes glue means and new-style craft - the parallel case that high frequency induction heats. One, principle brief introduction is well-known cable seepage of water can be each user the index of an environment performance of strict requirement, and cable of steel bag structure is built in metal strip receive be in easy ooze water, traditional pattern uses hot frit glue to add commonly note, make metal strip is built receive place is complete stick receive stop ooze water. But traditional pattern is put in a lot of malady, if add glue to measure insufficient meeting to cause ooze water to happen, the quantity that add glue can cause jacket to squeeze too much go out to be wrapped from time to tome happen, because this controls the amount that add glue very hard artificially; Because felt of film of polyester of metal strip surface is not firm,also meet additionally accumulation is in in modular core and cause jacket to give packet of appearance. New-style craft uses high frequency induction to heat the principle makes melt of laminating of metal strip surface, make metal strip is built not only receive place felt firm, and increased the bonding strength between metal strip and jacket, solved ooze water issue and jacket to give packet of appearance thoroughly. High frequency induction heats the principle is medium material allots phenomenon of crude element polarization in the action of high frequency electric field, arrange by electric field direction, because high frequency electric field changes molecular way with splitting speed, criterion medium material is met calorific because of interpose report loss. Flow direction of high frequency electric current is circled to be made cricoid or of other appearance add hot coil (it is to use red copper control to make normally) . The strong magnetism that produces polarity sudden change inside coil from this bundle, set the material be heatinged such as the metal online group inside, magnetism bundle meet be well versed in is whole material be heatinged, be being heated corporeal interior and add the way with opposite thermocurrent to produce very big eddy electricity, because be heated,the resistor inside material produces joule to heat up, make the temperature of corporeal oneself rises quickly, this is the principle that the induction heats. 2, high frequency induction increases heat engine use extensive and high frequency add hot function to undertake heating quickly to all metals, be like: Iron, steel, cast-iron, stainless steel, copper, aluminous, stannum, gold, silver. 1, industry of the suppress that heat up forge---Whole forge is hit, local forge is hit, broach suppress. 2, solder---Razor blade of solder of all sorts of metal drill rod, cutting tool solders, copper pipe solders (belt of usable in cable production industry Yu Gang is built receive solder) . 3, heat treatment---The metal quenchs, anneal, temper; Especially local treatment (can use at jacket makings and metal tape to come off in cable production industry) . 4, fusion---Cast fusion, precious metal fusion, lab small-sized fusion. 5, other application---Pulverous besmear outfit, metal is embedded and plastic, heat go oily (make in cable silk of usable Yu Gang squeezes the steel wire that fill up a layer to go in the industry oily, impurity) . 3, machine of glue of applied tradition hot frit and high frequency soldering circumstance is comparative and high frequency the induction adds heat engine, belong to equipment of high frequency dielectric heating. Between the electrode that the cable core park after steel is wrapped this equipment produces, flow to with alternating current by curly into cricoid conductor (it is copper pipe normally) , produce magnetism from this bundle, metal strip core of the cable after vertical bag passes copper pipe, magnetism bundle with respect to metal strip of meeting be well versed in, in with magnetism bundle produce eddy electricity from the direction of capture (rotate electric current) , inductive action right now, because the resistor generation inside metal strip is anxious side is hot (1 square R) , make temperature zoom, this is an induction heat. Fall to be able to heat to osculatory condition is not in metal strip from this. (calorific the heat that has joule heat and generation of magnetic hysteresis loss, but basically joule heat is caused. ) suffer when metal strip high frequency after heating, be heated of film of polyester of metal strip surface is fused, build receive place metal strip to use implementation of itself polyester film to stick receive, achieve metal strip to take effect of the water that receive block. Classics oversheath is stuck with polyester film directly receive, increased metal strip and oversheath not only stick receive strength, and go wrapping glue of laminating of cable metal strip, hot frit to give packet of issue often besides steel. Use cable according to YD/T901-2001 core net - the layer wrings type to correspond in using level of the cable outdoor 4.



2 requirements. Stick receive jacket (contain 53 model outside protect a layer) aluminous (or steel) belt and polyethylene are covered between come off intensity is mixed build receive one on top of another to be in aluminium (or steel) between the belt come off intensity should not is less than 1.

4N/mm, but in aluminium (or steel) when morbid face uses stuff or Tu Fufu shuts content block water, aluminous (or steel) belt build receive place can not make numeric demand. Express 1 tradition machine of hot frit glue and high frequency solder quite 4, high frequency induction adds heat engine advantage, characteristic high frequency induction increases heat engine good point: 1, can heat quickly: Compare with other method photograph, it is the target temperature that the unit can heat to ask to place with the second. 2, but local heating: Heat only metal strip, produce heat to measure film of fused surface polyester through metal strip, right other part does not have any harm inside cable. 3, economic energy resources: Divide working hours beyond, it is OK to need Electromechanical power only, report of very reasonable province. 4, can run automatically below relatively stable temperature: Although produce personnel to operate insufficient adroitness, also can make sure equipment runs normally. 5, green environmental protection: Do not produce harmful material. 6, the basis is heated the quality of the object, heat time, temperature, will adjust high frequency output. High frequency induction adds heat engine characteristic: 1, frequency conversion of IGBT of whole solid state and function adjust, double adjusting control of soft switch resonance and frequency dog automatically technology, be high reliability assure; 2, exceed minor volume, save the manufacturing space of 10 times for the client; 3, efficient and energy-saving, inside full power limits, extremely high power factor and power source efficiency; 4, broadband frequency of 1 ~ 20KHZ dogs automatically get used to ability, need not the spot is debugged; 5, ability of 24 hours of 100% full load, successive jobs; 6, constant outputs voltage / control of constant output power chooses a function; 7, frequency, power, voltage and electric current show completely. 5, the craft that experiments to pass nearly one many month as a result experiments and detect dog, the cable core that adds heat engine processing by high frequency induction can happen without seepage of water after jacket, without modular core accumulation laminating circumstance happens, without jacket phenomenon giving a package arises. Be opposite at the same time between jacket and metal strip come off intensity undertook sampling detecting, concrete result sees a table 2; Metal strip is built receive between come off intensity undertook sampling detecting, concrete result sees a table 3. The cable that increases heat engine production via high frequency induction did cable to total performance experiments and detect entirely eligible, here does not list test result one by one. 6, the introduction that conclusion believes to pass me, you had added heat engine and working principle to have more knowledge to high frequency induction. Pass the comparison of method of two kinds of different kind, say palpability is high frequency adequately the applied advantage in adding heat engine to be made in cable, believe to be in before long can receive wider application in the future. CNC Milling CNC Machining