Cutting tool and pattern are whole production solution

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Process designing is a domain of manufacturing industry, to promotion and simplify treatment flow has great potential sense. This should be attributed to advanced machine tool intelligence to change, today's process designing working procedure just becomes automation of all the more. Although be produced to the bag outside low income country,be a kind of trend, but the manufacturer that an intricate custom-built work, cutting tool and pattern can create inside the short time after receiving order will have good market opportunity. The product that Germany makes with its high quality and famed at the world, it is a delegate with its intricate work and machine tool especially. What grow ceaselessly to answer is fast and the production demand of low cost, a lot of cutting tool and die manufacturer changed the key to burgeoning science and technology. For this, CAD/CAM industry put forward to aim to reduce the solution of process designing time. A lot of companies employ the HyperMILL CAM solution that OPEN MIND Technologies AG is made in the light of cutting tool and mould and develops. Software offers tie function of extensive 2D and 3D strategy, HSC and advanced 5 axes technology. This is a kind of flexibility that CAM solution brings each the company, your each company can produce a numerous product to combine. In last few years, OPEN MIND Technologies AG also is developing compositive automation product all the time, this can reduce a hand to use an input and fall machine tool run time lowest. The comprehensive solution that has consistent user interface depends on its 2D, 3D, HSC and 5 axes module, hyperMILL is production solution of a complete cutting tool and mould. Simplify by what all module share user interface, very intuitionistic design to be used daily only. The conversational window that contains graphical support and input of menu pilot data can let a lot of process designing measure become be clear at a glance. Rationality checks the function can make sure the data of all inputs all is virtual value. HyperMILL detects automatically wrong input, highlight them with red show and offer in wrong message correct proposal. This kind of unified user is interactive the main advantage of means is you can ground of on the safe side is special treatment strategy to undertake process designing. The various treatment that this wants to be attributed to software to offer are politic, you always can think your treatment finds right strategy. The treatment task of production domain of more advanced very much cutting tool and mould can use 2D and 3D strategy come process designing. The 3D loop function of software adds to the user of experience provides a variety of intelligence function, in order to optimize treatment quality and machine tool run time. The new fund that the evidence about this is HyperMAXX is high-powered rough machining is politic. Strategy of this kind of brand-new and optional rough machining will reduce the run time of the machine tool considerably. The feed rate that the milling method of distributinging ideal and movable condition adjust will provide an user optimal use parameter (good case) , reduce rough machining time considerably thereby. Detect automatically cutting tool position no matter graduation or 5 axes milling, because must define cutting tool position by oneself, metropolis heart gives birth to a lot of users awe-stricken. To solve this problem, OPEN MIND Technologies AG was developed a series of automatic function, can simplify substantially the process designing of measure of 5 axes treatment. This basically relies on a kind to avoid automatically touch a function to come true. The key that undertakes 5 axes synchronism machines work place to need is first selection angle and the biggest banking angle degree. Treatment is calculated automatically circularly give a first-rate not to have position of collision cutting tool. Automatic graduation also can reduce process designing time considerably likewise, this should be attributed to the dip of fixed cutting tool that generates automatically, this also can promote the surface quality when using a machine tool with low trends. CNC Milling CNC Machining