Content of balance knife handle is worth somewhat

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Of use level of company of Haimer United States, the knife handle that passes complete balance but company of United States of Haimer of managing not little cost should produce 1800 many knife handle everyday. Use the knife handle that has had accurate balance on knife handle balancing machine how to many finished cost you can reduce? To answer this one question, this company undertook a series of experiments study. This company is used after be being assembled without accurate balance, the knife handle that laid aside a week undertakes cutting is machined, and with use standard, the treatment of the knife handle that passes complete balance undertakes contrast as a result. Result discovery, when the system of cutting tool knife handle that balances accurately with the course undertakes cutting is machined, if press every Nature's engineering to make a calculation, each years OK and managing finished cost restricts every machining center 20 thousand dollar; If press everyday 2 computation, annual but managing cost is close 3.

50 thousand dollar; If press everyday 3 computation, annual but managing cost 40 thousand much dollar. Consider to make clear, implementation cost is managing the biggest one part originates the treatment speed that balances cutting tool can compare the cutting tool without the balance to rise about 10% . No matter be returned to low speed,be cutting tool of high speed cutting, this one result holds water likewise. In addition, in afore-mentioned cost managing in the workpiece appearance with had not included better is bright and clean degree, exacter workpiece size and shorten the latent capacity that machines auxiliary time. CNC Milling CNC Machining