Software of control of typical CNC Milling is modular design

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Summary: The article introduced the characteristic of the control system of a kind of typical CNC Milling, and train of thought of design of PLC control software and implementation method. The typical CNC Milling of article introduction basically operates face plate, X, Y, Z3 by the machine tool the machine tool such as the hydraulic pressure of linear reference axis, upper shaft and machine tool, lubricant, cooling system assists a function to comprise. The electrical system of the machine tool includes a number to control a system (system of control of PLC of output of system of system of drive of servo of CNC) , number, main shaft frequency control and machine tool input. The hydraulic pressure that this electrical system basically finishs man-machine interaction and the movement to the feed of coordinate of 3 coordinate machine tool, main shaft and machine tool, lubricant, cooling system the control that wait. 3 coordinate of this machine tool use means of feedback of complete closed circuit of feet of HEIDEHAIN linear grating, machine tool main shaft is electric main shaft, transducer controls use Shi Naide, be aimed at the structural characteristic of this machine tool, its are electric the system of numerical control of word of NUM1050 total number that controlled a system to configure French NUM company, servo drive deploys system of corresponding drive of servo of type of MDLUNUMDRIVE numerical control. The PLC control program of machine tool of this 3 coordinate is use system of numerical control of word of NUM1050 total number inside function of buy type PLC, match what come out with corresponding software platform development. What consequently the flexibility of PLC program and Yi Wei protect gender and system of NUM1050 numerical control is high-powered have inseparable concern. NUM1050 of system of 1 NUM1050 numerical control is a kind of open mode, the figure with powerful function controls a system, use 64 CPU68040, use at the control of the processing of data and coordinate, have processing rate precision of control of fast, position is advanced characteristic. The face plate of CNC of graphical function management in the system shows and clavier: Memory uses program of memory operating sequence, PLC and user document: Powerful communication function makes CNC can string together a mouth to be able to carry a network again through RS232 already interface and go up a machine have news report: The axis accuses board the campaign that uses at controlling digital axis or imitate axis: Buy type PLC passes an input inside / output module manages a machine tool: CNC software runs the campaign of contrail of data of machine program, machine tool, computer and speed and monitoring reference axis. The input that system of use NUM of PLC of characteristic of PLC of type of the buy inside 2 NUM1050 offers / output interface and outside undertake data is exchanged, pass the data inside the memery block of scanning cycle refresh of PLC, PLC reads access to occupy is to carry %I variable, and PLC outputs outside data undertake through %Q variable. Inside data is exchanged through exchange area between buy type PLC and NC, the content in exchange area is input between NC and PLC / the data of output. NC outputs the data of PLC, PLC is read from exchange area through %R variable take, the data that PLC transmits NC is to pass %W variable to put exchange area, go reading by NC take, its scanning cycle is carried out automatically by the system. Each byte with %R and all and variable %W and have specific meaning, offer PLC technically to use those who control NC to move, the motion between equipment and NC is accepted outside be being coordinated. The PLC process designing of system of numerical control of NUM of characteristic of structure of program of 3 NUM1050 PLC has echelon graph, assembly language and advanced language (C language) a few kinds of means, its program uses task module and subprogram module to design. The task module of PLC program includes: ~ of %INI, %TS0 4, %TF0 ~ 15, %TH0 ~ 15. ~ of %SP0 of subprogram model port 255, these subprograms can be called by task module or call between the subprogram. The function of each module is as follows: Initialization task %INI: The system is carried out when electrify every time. Circular task %TS: The system carries out %TS0 first, carry out TS1 ~ by order again 4. The clock when the executive cycle of %TS0 is equal to every RTC(fact is controlled) periodic, namely 20ms, %TS1 ~ every 5 4 RTC are periodic (100ms) is carried out. Tiring-room task %TS is lower than circular task %TS and the lien that interrupt task %TH, can be used at awaiting the task use. Tiring-room task can count a RTC total cycle time continuously, can be interrupted by circular task. Interrupt (real time) task %TH is used at lien taller incident and the end that need not await RTC to circulate. Interrupt (real time) the priority that task %TH compares circular task %TS and tiring-room task %TF is high. Wrong message expresses %9999.

9: File of information of machine tool mistake. The design of program of PLC of planer-type milling machine of numerical control of 4 3 coordinate and the design that implement PLC program cannot leave good software platform and hardware environment, system of NUM1050 numerical control produced maker to provide substantial software natural resources and powerful software development tool for the machine tool. Be like PLCTOOL, SETTOOL, PCTOOLKIT. They are to be based on WINDOWS use on platform, for the machine tool development of electric control system brought huge to go to the lavatory. Among them the process designing that PLCTOOL can undertake PLC echelon graph or advanced language C conveniently, the instruction part with substantial stock and clock, tally is unit, the interface that the graph changes, use operation goes to the lavatory neatly. The PLC program of planer-type milling machine of numerical control of this 3 coordinate is in what development design comes out just about on PLCTOOL software platform. Considering actual application, machine tool of this 3 coordinate uses echelon graph language to design PLC program, its advantage is intuitionistic, OK and dynamic show, be debugged easily and safeguard. The input that uses system of NUM1050 numerical control to offer / output module and face plate of machine tool operation, OK and special the athletic etc function that controls a machine tool conveniently, because the machine tool operates face plate,contain what can offer process designing to define key oneself. The machine tool that NUM system provides operates face plate to be linked together through cable and system, raised dependability. According to the characteristic of PLC program structure of NUM1050, when the PLC program that designs machine tool of this 3 coordinate, give different module control each functional allocation of this machine tool. Because this machine tool is not had,break the job specially, %TS of task of initialization task %INI, loop and subprogram module %SP were used when designing a program so. The scanning cycle of %TS0 is 20ms, so will important subprogram is put in %TS0 to call, if the auxiliary function of the machine tool is hydraulic pressure, refrigeration, lubricant wait to be in ~ of task module %TS1 3 in control, the subprogram %SP module that the control of the coordinate of the machine tool, main shaft and relevant section pursues by echelon is assumed. The PLC program structure of 3 coordinate CNC Milling and each module introduction are as follows: %INI: The system is called before other task is carried out, carry out when PLC electrify only, do not get PTC loop control, basically undertake initialization to a few variable. %TS0: Call a subprogram. %TS1: Control machine tool assists functional slideway to lubricate with hydraulic pressure system. Among them slideway is lubricant and periodic by PLC program medium timer is controlled. %TS2: Control system of machine tool refrigeration. Automatic refrigeration and hand can choose to move refrigeration on face plate of machine tool operation. %TS3: Control the loose knife of machine tool main shaft and cutting tool clamp. %SP0: Twinkle with the indicator light that goes up at controlling a machine tool to operate face plate. On the face plate of machine tool operation that NUM1050 system offers contain indicator light for the most part from definition key-press, using a few need special when remindful function, its key-press uses the means that indicator light twinkles, in order to show marked, if restoration of machine tool breakdown bolts, change a knife to finish key to wait a moment. %SP2: Control what the machine tool operates face plate to define key-press oneself. Operate face plate must pass become effective of ability of PLC process designing from definition key, and the function of key-press is defined according to the need of the machine tool. According to the requirement of the user, the operation of planer-type milling machine of numerical control of this 3 coordinate designed a machine tool to start on face plate, cooling control, main shaft is opened stop, change a knife to finish, the function such as restoration of machine tool breakdown. %SP3: Control the safe examination of coordinate motion and coordinate spacing. %SP4: M function coding, this module is used at the definition to change the M06 function that the knife ends. %SP5: Servo of control reference axis makes can. %SP6: This module controls all functions of main shaft part, include main shaft refrigeration, main shaft transducer of electric machinery of clamp of lubricant, cutting tool, main shaft, main shaft. %SP20: The indication of information of machine tool breakdown is controlled. When machine tool occurrence breakdown, in indication page need shows breakdown date and breakdown content in time, appear when the machine tool when many breakdown, the system can show trouble by order, the time that every breakdown shows is installed in notebook program module. This module by other relevant module is called. All functions of planer-type milling machine of numerical control of this 3 coordinate and control all by above each module comes true, among them the core that %SP2, %SP3, %SP5 and %SP6 are program of PLC of this machine tool more. With modular means designs PLC program, can undertake be debugginged alone to each module, improved the efficiency that the machine tool debugs, when the problem appears in debugging a process, can find problem place very quickly, and the different function of the machine tool is used different child module will express, program structure be clear at a glance. Those who pass pair of each stature module is alone debug and final Electromechanical adjustment, the design thought that proved this covers PLC process and method are effective. After insecurity of course of planer-type milling machine of numerical control of this 3 coordinate debugs 5 brief summary, machine tool job is regular, accord with a requirement, the machine tool is achieved check and accept a standard. Carry out a proof, the control software design of machine tool of this 3 coordinate is successful, and design a little basic module of development still have good can transplant quality, the figure of echelon of PLC of machine tool of typical numerical control that NUM1000 series numerical control uses after be in alters slightly in the design make can try to use, the design that controls software to be the same as the PLC of machine tool of series numerical control later laid good foundation. CNC Milling CNC Machining