Design and make the gear that specializations highly and transmission case

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In dynamic test system, the plan that specializations highly needs 12 measure to carry out. When should checking systematic application to design current gear and gear-box for trends, need the solution that specializations highly occasionally, is not off-the-peg option. To assure working fixed number of year, ensure be being evaluated accurately what check an object is to take a picture accurately, the effect that does not suffer test machine itself, must want to carry out design and make a process rigorously. When the test machine gear-box that designs with the means that specializations highly, operation mistake can cause premature damage, reach incorrect result. Most at least, below these circumstances, very strict, the solution that high project changes is very main: ◆ trends tests systematic speed and torque requirement, the performance that the performance that turns exercise suitable scope to gear of acme   ◆ already can record to checking sample anything but produces an influence to need to implement 12 rigorous measure, will ensure trends checks a system to have the machine life of barrier of long, without reason. 1.

The working limits that evaluates design criterion and geometric constraint client to found perhaps is based on a machine the performance demand of final utility, the documentation that interior founds laid the foundation of the project. 2.

Computational speed, the function of torsion and laden test equipment is, in emulation operation the condition falls, what install beforehand namely is periodic, or fall till unsuccessful condition, pass the torque inside certain limits other perhaps load, offer it is certain to bring to bear on to go up to rotate speed the output inside limits. If offer a value to not was inside working limits, speed, torque and laden value should be asked to decide by the machine. Rotate speed of every intermediate axis and deferent load must such estimation reach: Ensure gear, axis, bearing can expect in the machine continue to work below the limit conditions of life. For every gear and axial scale chart, until outspread to input interface, depend on the size of engine normally and decide, try to apply. Arrive from the input output, affect factor of numerary of gear clench the teeth, include to output speed and every clench the teeth the change of effective rate, and the geometric constraint that checks sample. Implementation outputs fixed position gear rank is counted or the amount of clench the teeth decided model, form, reach the design of gear-box body and installation note. 3.

The gear-box life with the design of affirmatory gear axis and the design stable and efficient to assuring, responsible process that support this measure is crucial. The project designs a group to undertake calculate and detecting, analyse a group advancedly to undertake test and verify to precision and completeness next. The engineer is each gear interface scale suffer strive, ensure the force that should bring to bear on brings to bear on went up, understand adequately. Analyse the effect that these outside force manipulate to component next. Special used pair of the following elements to offer with project tool with business use value and test and verify: The helix angle of choice   ◆ that ◆ of   of stress of root of ◆ tine teeth of a cogwheel curves module of ◆ of   of coefficient of clench the teeth of stress   ◆ spends width of surface of   ◆ gear to ask axis of ◆ of   of deflection of   ◆ axis is fatigue limitation and use outline of   ◆ feet.

The option that chooses bearing and bracket bearing is the process of an iteration, by measure the influence of element of a lot of computation of 3. Sufferred strive and the axial force that rotate speed decides, radial load to produce effect, to bearing selection process produced very big effect. But, other factor, for example the design of the gear that geometric constraint decides and axial dimension, requirement uses fixed number of year (L10 life) , bearing easily draw materials and cost, these acted important role in selecting finally. Want to produce the effect that designs an element actually, be assembled easily for example and disassemble, bearing is installed and install beforehand, and provide appropriate and lubricant capability to bearing. 5.

Affirmatory gear, axis makes method and material need to decide now, whether does gear depart from the axis, adjust by the axis, perhaps mix the axis is a whole. The decision of gear cutting process wants to decide according to these elements: Gear material (it is a plane normally high grade 8620 or 9310 steel) , requirement of superfinishing of requirement of grinding of cementite and heat treatment standard, gear, isotropy, and the standard that gear, axis balances. All production give yield gear, must report with law of flaw detection of skeleton map of certificate of material certificate of approval, heat treatment, grinding, pickling and magnetic particle, and dimension checks a report. Combine this documentation, every gear has an unique manufacturing history record. 6.

Evaluate and design of test and verify and structure the design of every gear-box, normally by the geometric constraint that checks a machine or application -- the input below most circumstance and the position that output a requirement, need is perforative the amount of the axis of central gear wheel of input and output -- will decide. The function of the machine will decide the complexity with tectonic gear-box, a main factor is in gear-box material choice. And no matter the choice of material, all gear-box must be experienced complete finite yuan of analysis (FEA) analyse with mode. Carry out finite yuan of analysis (FEA) , when ensuring gear-box construction satisfies the requirement of the machine, behave enoughly rash club, want power of mature bearing depart, all external load and active force. The purpose that executive mode analyses, it is to ensure the natural frequency of gear-box wants to fall in working range of machine function limit besides. 7.

Lubricant requirement gear and bearing should undertake estimation eject is lubricant. All bearing and gear should use interchangeable lubricant aperture, disassembling below the circumstance of gear-box, undertake easily changing reaching discharge adjustment. Want to have consideration, ensure the lubricating oil that is added on bearing satisfies what perhaps exceed manufacturer regulation, the parameter of lubricant product rate that undertakes lubricating appropriately osmotic a requirement. The bearing loss that because high temperature is brought about,calculates, this one loss is in the design of overall lubricant system that is flow and cooling design, became influencing factor. The size of nozzle of computational gear lube, ensure all gear arrive all the time tine root ministry, can obtain sufficient lube flow, and appropriate discharge will undertake discharge eduction. All afore-mentioned computation incorporate as a result rise, fix central lubricant system flow, intensity of pressure and cooling requirement. 8.

Build installation process gear-box to design must practical, and rash club. Appropriate design, should consider not only install easily, and must offer malfunction, change the character that disassembles easily when component. Undertake visual examination and maintenance maintenance face plate, when be being maintained can disassemble the smallest change. 9.

Efficiency of estimation efficiency gear-box decides power loss, power loss is changed into quantity of heat, must by the eduction of cooling heat exchanger of lubricant system. Efficiency estimation also can ensure input motor can provide enough power, overcome loss, send correct gear-box to output power. 10.

Design tool and wiring position gear-box must complete appearance is changed, the healthy level of such bearing and gear can be monitored all the time. This provided the tool of a trouble removal, and the inchoate warning system of potential problem. All bearing plant, must deserve to have can to main control implement the thermocouple that reports bearing operates the temperature, system that monitor. Exceed any deflection besides acceptability temperature limits, must start alarm signal, start potential machine to close machine. Record trend data, study the long-term performance of every bearing. Input and take-off, fixed with floating bearing component, must deploy accelerometer to measure axial vibration. The accelerometer between gear, order is operated, can best test gives maximum. Accelerometer signal still can send the value that exceeds range to main control system, cause alarm, close machine operation. Trend data serves as information, be saved to rise. 11.

Complete assembly examines file of every gear-box examine thoroughly file, must get ready ahead of schedule before assemble. These reports include the information with every bearing, axis and specific gear, technical parameter. Clearance of such as axial, tine side clearance, bearing is pressed beforehand and the information of removed data is come down by the record, undertake comparative with acceptability value. Various to affirming completeness and detect examine for, assemble affirming is must. Aerosol generator is used to affirm the lube that has shed conduit and aperture flows, divulge in order to monitor. Monitored result is come down by the record. One share tests the report is used to graph of moulage of record gear contact, another part record is in hold position for nothing, reach in 25% , 50% , the 75% bearing temperature that reach full laden circumstance to fall, accelerometer reading. These report account fiducial function, ensure gear-box is assembled thoroughly, after machine investment is used daily, provide referenced data for trouble removal. 12.

Carry out check and accept a test finally to ship in equipment before the client, had built check and accept test plan, all parameter that tests a plan must want to satisfy. Normally, equipment performance index decided to check and accept the element of the test. Gear case is done not have to overall equipment performance any negative effect is very important. This comes true through coming strictly according to the gear case design stage above. Understanding is more about CSIA (control system is compositive trade association)     RedViking is control system compositive trade association (CSIA) member, the application of the automation technology that this association helps an industry achieve low risk, safe, success. CSIA helps its member improve commercial technical ability, offer a forum to share industry experience, promote the optimal practice of business government. CNC Milling CNC Machining