VERICUT is emulated change main shaft accessory advanced machine tool

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Be in our country as numerical control technology swift and violent development, try traditionally cut working flow to cannot have suited numerical control technology asks now, VERICUT software will optimize our working flow, the measure that adopts digitlization before the spare parts is machined moves in program of numerical control of the test and verify in the computer and machine tool. One, foreword is in our country as numerical control technology swift and violent development, the process capability that is aimed at complex part and quality stability demand more and more become a company to gain the market first the main factor of machine, so a lot of advanced numerical control machine tools swarm into industry market very quickly, if much axis machine tool, Che Xi is compound, machine tool of tower of much knife of boring milling machine, much main shaft. Reasonable use these machine tools to be able to reduce finished cost, increase production efficiency, reduce the number that hold clip, assure product quality to wait, but how efficient use and dig a machine tool in the round the very real problem that potential function already became an industry to be faced with. Because try traditionally,cut working flow to cannot have suited numerical control technology asks now, be like: The correct rate of program of the security of equipment, numerical control, improve efficiency, reduce the acerbity problem such as cost. VERICUT software will optimize our working flow, the measure that adopts digitlization before the spare parts is machined moves in program of numerical control of the test and verify in the computer and machine tool. Try traditionally cut flow: Carry the technological process of VERICUT test and verify: 2, the athletic structure that the machine tool is emulated and the notional machine tool of test and verify emulates complete simulation machine tool concerns and can check part of all machine tool, head of the slide block that be like an axis, main shaft, turn tower, rotate the collision between the machine tool accessory that library of workbench, main shaft, knife changes cutting tool of knife, clamping apparatus, cutting and other to be configured by the user and critical collision. The user can be all round the spare parts set area of a critical collision, detect the critical collision condition all round and exceed journey mistake. 3, the machine tool of VERICUT is emulated and VERICUT of test and verify is emulated, test and verify 2 - the treatment of 5 axes, mistake of examination of examination of machine tool collision, machine tool journey, program is checked, VERICUT supports CNC completely to control the logistic instruction in the system. System of the different machine tool of workshop spot, control, spare parts, block format and functional module can support and realize accurate emulation. Foreword of multitask of emulation Ø of control of head of tower of much knife of Ø of emulation function of Ø support subprogram, much main shaft, subsystem is emulated, semifinished product transfers Ø paralell connection automatically Che Xi of machine tool emulation Ø is compound and complex before the machine tool emulates actual cutting, use VERICUT CNC to emulate software to undertake on the computer completely true machine tool is emulated machine with imitate, can eliminate the error in the program so, be like: Clamping apparatus of the workpiece that cut an injury, attaint, break off cutting tool or collision machine tool, raise CNC to manufacture efficiency, shorten production is periodic, enhance company competition ability. 4, come to those who explain VERICUT can realize advanced machine tool emulate through analysing a case that changes main shaft accessory with authenticity. The component that decides many accessory machine tool above all concerns, from inside package tree we can see Spindle_Changer package by accessory of two main shaft (Head_2 and Head_3) , should using Head_2 is C axis rotates 4 axes machine the vertical of treatment, be equivalent to when use Head_3 is the horizontal treatment that C axis rotates. The blame that belongs to peaceful course concerns from inside package tree we can see accessory of two main shaft is moving accessorily on the relation. Because they are independent two motion accessory, accessory Head_2 basically is openly treatment, head_3 is lateral treatment, such we can install clip to machine a craft to compare complex part through, make sure the product asks, for example: Side aperture or person the treatment of similar spare parts with darker side. Machine tool interior calls accessory program, in the application of VERICUT, judge and through machine tool interior the subprogram calls accessory of machine tool main shaft like we and treatment of true machine tool. Because VERICUT supports the advanced function such as statement of macroinstruction, variable, condition, loop statement, so VERICUT can the whole process that completely true imitate machines. Call machine tool accessory common macroinstruction and variable: Callsubname (call a subprogram) M92A* : Call accessory to dictate (A2: The delegate changes accessory 2, a3: Represent accessory 3, a0 does not add accessory on behalf of main shaft) . Appoint variable 10001 with 10002 functions (variable is defined in variable window "0" of 10001 initial value) ; carries out "M92A3" statement suppose, the initial value that we can see A from here gives variable the ode 10002. Here the function that we want to mentioned VERICUT to offer powerful user to be defined oneself, change a definition through the user we can set a lot of high-quality instructions. How do we send an accessory to change command? Above all we define join: In Configuration>word Format definition Connect and Connect-to word are Alpha-Numeric type. We will join on word ode the macroinstruction of package. In the program we want what realize accessory through two statements to change only, the legibility of the program is very strong. Attention: The name of package is the package name that has given in package tree certainly. We come to those who show the attachment in machining a process call a procedure through flow chart. We are with changing 2 accessory exemple (Head_2) : Hypothesis is current 3 accessory (Head_3) going up in main shaft, before because be in every time,the end changes accessory course the value of 10001 endowed with variable # variable # 10002, so 10001 = of current # 10002 = of # 3. 5, last word computer assisted project technology to already reached relatively mature level in the developed country, industrialization application is quite general already. In our country treatment emulation technology still remains to popularize application further, industrialization application rate is inferior still. In our country a lot of the business that gets the person that run is in to had used numerical control to emulate a technology in the round in numerical control industry, be like: Aviation, spaceflight, institute large enterprise or business unit, a lot of industries already used CNC Machining to emulate a technology stage by stage via consciousness, be like: Transportation of mould industry, heavy machinery, ground, consumable, car. Comprehensive application emulates a technology, ascend numerical control technology to use a height, can be expected soon. CNC Milling CNC Machining