Laser laser beam welding receives robot workstation to make medium application in golf lever

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Change bring new challenge, going to those who receive it is our creativity and curiosity, develop new solution together with the client, guide them to win new breakthrough. Division be filled with solder automation career ministry is in ceaselessly stand the test, devote oneself to to bring advanced tooling to the client as, no matter be thinking or action we base oneself upon is long-term, bring more innovation. Have " the noble moves " the golf that say moves kind of product, the person that its use is seeking experience of outstanding Golf motion: Far be apart from a flight, brandish lever is accurate, be hit easily and exceed performance of bright drive sound while, expect easier command is hit, hit out more easily more remote function. And these are mixed in material to creating a company craft is made on raise taller requirement, its craft is faced with solder from original handiwork the bottleneck that transfers to develop to automation. The system of a workstation of fiber-optic laser robot that show originality is below, have very great help to breaking through this one bottleneck. Golf this noble moves, of pursuit is high quality enjoyed process. Golf ball provides roughly performance demand: Blow distance, accuracy, centre of gravity sound of low, blow; Golf ball provides pursuit function, function, exterior to design change, so a ball provides manufacturing life to make an appointment with 1-1.

5 years, annual metropolis get rid of the stale and bring forth the fresh changes, the ball is provided belong to running stores, often can have new material, the application of new function, new technology, golf ball is provided is the product that blended in a lot of high-tech technologies. To creating a company character, to provide product competition ability, remove a product annual outside get rid of the stale and bring forth the fresh, the design respect of the product, the welder of production process art, conventional technology (TIG solder and Plasma plasma solder) had been the limit level or cannot have satisfied its to produce a demand. For example: Board thick design asks to be in 0.


0mm, at the same time requirement whole controls deflection, prove finally: Laser is the optimal choice of new technology. Add come laser technology develops at full speed, installation cost cost is compared with use cost before a lot of lower, this two respects had great progress 10 years ago relatively, so prospective laser beam welding receives craft use a space in Golf industry very big. Workmanship develops Golf ball head 3 kinds of welder in the process art principle: The craft principle of TIG solder: TIG solder (Tungsten Inert Gas Welding) , call again blame is extremely fused inert gase tungsten extremely protective solder. Soldering to the workpiece in the process is heated and be not to fuse electrode fuses, electric arc is lighted between electrode and workpiece, bath and electrode are being protected by the protective air current that pours out of from nozzle, can fill silk to perhaps do not fill silk to undertake soldering. Principle of Plasma plasma solder: It is to use what plasma arc serves as heat source to solder method. Gas heats by electric arc generation dissociation, be compressed when high speed carries water-cooling spray head, increase energy density and dissociation to spend, form plasma arc. Its stability, calorific quantity and temperature prep above is general electric arc, have bigger frit to appear consequently force and solder speed. Laser laser beam welding accepts a principle: A kind of when stimulate beam of light to serve as heat source when use high energy density efficient nicety solders method. Workmanship develops Golf ball head 3 kinds of welder in the process art have immediate effect to the function of ball head: Above all, technology of conventional manual TIG solder, solder rate is slower, and hot input is a lot of bigger than Plasma and Laser laser beam welding, hot influence area is large easy generation is out of shape, width of common welding line is in 6~8mm, the equipment space before soldering has 2~3mm not high is 4mm even, complete armrest labour solders rise. Such soldering craft makes the CT value of ball head poorer, the accuracy that so ball head hits, sound is ringing the distance of degree, blow is relatively general, and the consistency of the product is poor, character is not stable. CT is worth (rebound namely coefficient, those who point to is lever head rebound value) be Golf ball lever is important measure a level. CT value has standard demand, coefficient is big, drive distance is far, coefficient is small, the distance nearby of drive, but the ball lever that if use the CT that exceeds bid,is worth, also do not allow to play the game. Next, craft of Plasma plasma solder and TIG solder are similar, but interior of its welding torch can arise compress electric arc, in order to raise arc gentle energy density, it compares TIG solder rate fast, frit is deep big, dan Xun at laser beam welding, hot input is measured (hot influence area) smaller than TIG solder and bigger than laser. Welding line width is in 5~6mm, the equipment space before soldering can be controlled in 1mm less than. The CT of head of ball of use Plasma craft is worth relatively TIG is tall, the distance of ringing degree, blow belongs to the accuracy that so ball head hits, sound medium, and the consistency of the product is better, character is stable. Finally, beam of light of craft of Laser laser beam welding is centered, solder hot influence area is very small, be out of shape so the smallest, frit is deep good, solder rate is rapid, taller than Plasma 2~3 times, can solder 0.

2mm above is laminose, welding line width is in 2~3mm. Can use technology of Laser laser beam welding, before the working procedure that make Cheng is very tall also, equip namely space is less (0.

5mm less than) the quality of such ball heads will be higher, consistency is better, and after use laser technology, the workmanship of whole ball head can develop acme, of the head that be like a ball cast or forging semifinished product noumenon is local and OK use 0.


The material of 6mm, thereby the biggest improve product performance. The ball head that craft of Laser laser beam welding solders, its CT value is highest (it is to be in match limit of course) , thereby the accuracy that ball head hits, sound is ringing the distance of degree, blow is first-rate. Of course, laser laser beam welding is faulty also, if the solder of this craft nods facula,be in 0.


6mm, relative demand welding line assembles a requirement tall, but increased to send a compensation the function, can remedy above flaw, at the same time OK and contented heterogeneous material solders, suit the application that Golf asks so high particularly. Above Zun Tu 1, head of this kind of ball should go welding line is narrow, cannot burn the brim, TIG and Plasma satisfy a requirement very hard; Above right graph 2, the effect pursuit performance that fiber-optic laser beam welding receives head of ball of titanium alloy Golf is outstanding, it is constant tidal current, it is to accord with the fixed position that Golf moves this. Although as a result of the influence of big environment and domestic anti-corruption at present clean-fingered indirect element is affected, this motion encounters cold winter in home. But Golf motion is representing sunshine, elegant, gent, without which athletics can replace it. Consume this ideal change, games to return to reasonable consumption group as people so, the meeting is increasing in the future join come in. Lie between when Golf motion project hundred years later return to the Olympic Games competition ground 2016 afresh, also be the value that very good testimony moves this and marrow. Come nearly 229 years, golf ball moves more and more get 5 continent of world of people love, international force is larger and larger also, this is the account that Golf gets international Olympic committee is approbated. The Golf that returns to Olympic competition ground moves, this has the effect that popularizes actively. As people living standard rise, in former days aristocratic motion Golf becomes popular gradually recreational recreational chooses a project. Golf photograph is compared at general athletic sports, the temperament that can foster one individual grace not only and adjust the ability of the mood, return the gent quality and style that can help people model sincere letter to control oneself as a child especially, exercise them to ponder over the ability of judgement independently, let them active state of mind will face a setback, this also is the motive power that Golf motion expands continuously and glamour place. So Golf ball head is not industry of the setting sun, it is burgeoning instead and follow-up meeting expands strength trade continuously. Although big 2015 environment shows declining tendency, zhuhai division is filled with the order of the Laser laser beam welding that still got a client, motion of enough confirm Golf is pursuit acme, enough shows a client to new technology approbate. The blow with accurate essence, ringing blow sound, long-term blow is apart from, laser laser beam welding gives Golf athletic infuse new element. CNC Milling CNC Machining