"Semiconductor miniature is changed " the technology makes computer rate change fast

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Dispatch of net of machine tool of Chinese numerical control: Yesterday, crackajack professor Hu Zhengming issues school of component of interest of gram of American California university uncle " semiconductor miniature is changed " achievement of science and technology. Berkeley of university of California of American microelectronics home, United States divides Jiao Jie to give the research group that professor Hu Zhengming is in charge of, can make 2 dimension semiconductor long be on the structure of perpendicular fin type transistor, that is to say 2 dimension semiconductor can be used " lid high-rise " . This group returns research and development to give the technology on the brilliant circle that can make 2 dimension semiconductor long be accumulated in bedding face, let it enclothe the transistor of perpendicular film, can do two layer, three-layer on a chip at the same time the circuit of more even layer. Additional, the film that still uses 2 dimension semiconductor made a transistor, those who confirmed it can allow a transistor is triode and contractible the width to 1 accept rice. The freeboard density chip that comments on Hu Zhengming to teach place to release, obtained major breakthrough on chip data technology, engineering technology, can make chip area 1000 times more contractible. This is meant, same area, its transistor is counted can go up than increasing so thousandfold, the function is more perfect. Although from look at present, distance product volume is produced still have certain space, but once apply,will come, regular meeting brings tremendous surprise to people. -- Wu Hequan of academician of director of Chinese Internet association, Chinese Academy of Engineering is current but semiconductor make it size of an accept rice asks: Current semiconductor miniature changes a technology, can you let chip there is many small? Berkeley of university of California of American microelectronics home, United States divides Jiao Jie to give professor Hu Zhengming: In the past 12 months, we discover, have a kind of stuff, it is 2 dimension semiconductor, have 3 two atom only probably so thick, can rise the three-dimensional transistor tie that it and we make before this, semiconductor more miniature. Before a few months, we can accomplish semiconductor the size of an accept rice. Ask: What difficulty was encountered in process of research and development? Hu Zhengming: Probably when 2010, we are changed in the miniature of semiconductor on encountered a giant bottleneck, at that time, transistor cannot have gone further miniature was changed, the miniature that cannot continue to satisfy semiconductor so changes a course. But back-to-back, our research group undertook a revolutionary innovation, originally the transistor of common form, became three-dimensional transistor, this was just like a concentration of a big bungalow in original city to become a building, covered an area of an area to be centered rise, become smaller. Transistor amount increases hardware to use speed to accelerate ask: What influence does this technology bring the life that gives us and industry? Hu Zhengming: Miniature changes a technology to be able to let semiconductor sequentially raise cost of function, bring down. Product more miniature is changed, it is cheaper that the price also is met, more important is, power consumption decreases, speed is added fast, mobile phone function can expand increasingly, the person that use can get the benefit of square field surface, and we can anticipate, these advantages still can continue. To the computer, the computer can analyse processing big data, the transistor amount that goes up because of chip namely soars, hardware use speed is met faster and faster, and the speed of Internet also can be added subsequently fast. Ask: Does the industrialization of this technology develop a case how? Hu Zhengming: Rose 2011, semiconductor industry begins to use our technology. As to the formation of the industrial chain of current and newest achievement, I believe to be able to happen slowly, need one pace ground to go, we had pointed out the road of the application of this industrialization, how to go next get through, still need the effort of each link. Origin: New capital signs up for CNC Milling CNC Machining